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Date Published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline Date
05/12/2023 FM Services Low 29/01/2024
04/12/2023 IT Service Desk High 08/01/2024
04/12/2023 Operational management / related services - Prior information notice PinHigh 02/01/2024
04/12/2023 Leisure Facilities Management Low 19/02/2024
04/12/2023 cleaning of streets, car parks, public conveniences and public areas Low 03/01/2024
01/12/2023 Car Park Marshalling & Site Security High 22/12/2023
01/12/2023 Telecare & Out of Hours Calls Handling Service High 08/01/2024
01/12/2023 Estates Minor Work Services High 10/01/2024
01/12/2023 Workplace Development Consultancy Low 03/01/2024
01/12/2023 Out of Hours Homelessness Advice Low 10/01/2024
01/12/2023 Energy Recovery Facility - Operation & Maintenance High 08/01/2024
30/11/2023 Leisure Services High 16/02/2024
30/11/2023 Barrierless Car Park Solution High 09/01/2024
29/11/2023 Concierge Services High 26/02/2024
29/11/2023 Check Point Software Low 11/12/2023
28/11/2023 Call Centre Services - Framework Low 09/01/2024
28/11/2023 FM Services Low 21/12/2023
24/11/2023 Consultancy Support Services Low 21/12/2023
24/11/2023 Community Warden Patrols High 29/12/2023
24/11/2023 Site Maintenance & Security High 29/12/2023
24/11/2023 Replacement of parking tariff structures - Framework Low 22/12/2023
23/11/2023 Commercial Building Facilities Management High 08/01/2024
23/11/2023 Customer Care Services Low 15/12/2023
22/11/2023 Community Tenancy Low 08/01/2024
22/11/2023 Visitor Centre Facilities Management Low 24/12/2023
22/11/2023 Alarm Monitoring Service Low 11/12/2023
21/11/2023 Facilities Managed Services High 09/01/2024
20/11/2023 Mental Health Crisis Phone Line High 20/12/2023
20/11/2023 Operation of Tennis Courts Low 11/12/2023
20/11/2023 Mobility Hub Operator High 20/12/2023
20/11/2023 Emergency Contact Services High 15/12/2023
20/11/2023 Leisure Centre Management - Prior Information Notice PinLow 04/12/2024
18/11/2023 Concierge & Security Services Low 18/12/2023
17/11/2023 Leisure Operator High 11/12/2023
17/11/2023 Parking Enforcement High 15/12/2023
17/11/2023 Vehicle Excise Duty Enforcement Services - Prior information notice PinHigh 20/12/2023
17/11/2023 Vehicle Excise Duty Enforcement Services - Prior Information Notice PinLow 14/12/2023
17/11/2023 Leisure Operation Services Low 11/12/2023
17/11/2023 Parking Enforcement Services Low 18/12/2023
17/11/2023 Concierge & Security Services High 18/12/2023
16/11/2023 Parking Enforcement & Associated Services High 03/01/2024
16/11/2023 FM Services - Framework Low 11/12/2023
15/11/2023 Enforcement Services High 21/12/2023
15/11/2023 Facilities Management Services High 18/12/2023
15/11/2023 Hard FM - Prior information notice PinHigh 16/12/2023
15/11/2023 Observation Tower - Operation & Maintenance High 15/01/2024
15/11/2023 Facilities Management Services Low 18/12/2023
14/11/2023 Facilities Management Company High 08/01/2024
14/11/2023 Responsive Repairs Call Handling Service High 14/12/2023
14/11/2023 Climbing Centre Operation High 10/01/2024
14/11/2023 Leisure Centre Management High 15/12/2023
13/11/2023 Operations Service High 14/12/2023
13/11/2023 Concierge Services Low 15/12/2023
13/11/2023 Concierge Services High 15/12/2023
13/11/2023 Flexible Workspace Operator services High 08/01/2024
11/11/2023 Campsite management Low 22/01/2024
10/11/2023 Marina and Harbour Operation - Pre-Qualification Questionnaire PinHigh 11/12/2023
10/11/2023 FM Solutions, Services, Products & Support - Prior information notice PinHigh 10/12/2023
10/11/2023 Front, Middla & Back Office Services - Prior information notice PinHigh 11/12/2023
10/11/2023 Contact Centre Services Low 22/12/2023
09/11/2023 Call Centre Services Low 07/12/2023
09/11/2023 Call centre services Low 07/12/2023
09/11/2023 Catering Equipment Low 15/12/2023
09/11/2023 Management of leisure facilities - PIN PinLow 08/12/2023
08/11/2023 Leasehold Interest Low 06/12/2023
08/11/2023 Visitor attraction management Low 11/12/2023
07/11/2023 Call Answering Services Low 11/12/2023
03/11/2023 Call Monitoring & Alarm Receiving Centre High 15/12/2023
02/11/2023 Family Attraction Facility Low 08/12/2023
01/11/2023 Facilities Maintenance Operator High 06/12/2023
31/10/2023 Parking Enforcement - Prior Information Notice PinLow 31/01/2024
28/10/2023 Development of a restaurant & retail space - Expression of Interest PinLow 08/12/2023
27/10/2023 Car Parking Management High 08/12/2023
12/10/2023 Facilities Management Services High 05/01/2024
06/10/2023 Hard & Soft Facilities Management Services High 06/12/2023
15/09/2023 Service Delivery Partner - Integrated public passenger transport service - Prior Information Notice High 11/09/2024
16/06/2023 Mobile Concessions Low 28/02/2025
12/06/2023 Sports Park - Prior information notice PinHigh
12/06/2023 Estate Services - Prior information notice PinHigh
19/05/2023 Prior Information Notice PinLow
27/04/2023 Civil Parking Enforcement - Prior information notice PinHigh
23/04/2023 Soft facility management services - DPS Low 01/10/2026
21/04/2023 Repairs, Maintenance & Inspection High 11/06/2027
19/04/2023 Bridge Toll Replacement - Prior information notice PinHigh
05/04/2023 Accommodation for Staff - Prior information notice PinHigh
17/03/2023 Facilities Management Services - DPS Low 30/04/2030
17/03/2023 Self Directed Support Services - DPS Framework Low 31/03/2024
17/03/2023 Corporate Property Facilities Management Services - Prior information notice PinHigh
06/03/2023 Out of Hours Telephony - Prior information notice PinHigh
03/03/2023 Building Operator - Prior information notice PinHigh
21/02/2023 Fully managed FM Service - Prior information notice PinHigh
06/02/2023 Car Parking Solution - Prior information notice PinHigh
01/02/2023 Call Centre Operations High 21/01/2025
26/01/2023 Leisure Management - Prior information notice PinHigh
23/01/2023 Customer Contact Telephony - Prior information notice PinHigh
18/01/2023 Traffic & parking enforcement DPS Low 06/01/2030
14/12/2022 Facilities Management & Workplace Services High 09/02/2027
14/12/2022 Facilities Management DPS Low 09/02/2027
09/12/2022 Commercial development within public toilets - Prior information notice PinHigh
21/11/2022 Live Entertainment, Hospitality & Retail Scheme - Prior information notice PinHigh
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What is a Facilities Management Tender?

Tendering in Facilities Management involves a Buyer publish a Tender inviting businesses to bid for work. Tenders for Facility Management Services cover a range of areas including Commercial, Residential, Accommodation and Office Services. 

What is the Tendering process?

Tendering for Facilities Management Services involves a Buyer company publishing a Tender inviting businesses to bid for work and secure a contract. The business with the winning proposal will be awarded the contract to fulfill the brief.

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