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Date Published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline Date
17/09/2021 Winter Maintenance Low 18/10/2021
15/09/2021 Treatment of Street Sweeping Waste Low 18/10/2021
15/09/2021 Cleaning Services for Educational Establishments High 15/10/2021
14/09/2021 Snow & Gritting Service High 15/10/2021
14/09/2021 Cleaning Services for School Buildings High 14/10/2021
14/09/2021 Winter Maintenance Services High 15/10/2021
14/09/2021 Accommodation Cleaning Services Low 13/10/2021
14/09/2021 Snow & Gritting Services Low 15/10/2021
14/09/2021 Snow & Gritting Service Low 15/10/2021
14/09/2021 Winter Maintenance Services Low 04/10/2021
10/09/2021 Cleaning Chemicals High 11/10/2021
10/09/2021 Cleaning Materials, Catering, PPE High 12/10/2021
10/09/2021 Cleaning Services Low 13/10/2021
10/09/2021 Lease Hire & Laundry Service High 12/10/2021
10/09/2021 Street Cleaning Services Low 11/10/2021
10/09/2021 Cleaning Services - Ethiopia Low 20/09/2021
10/09/2021 Cleaning Services High 05/10/2021
09/09/2021 Winter Maintenance Low 23/09/2021
09/09/2021 Street Cleaning Services Low 11/10/2021
08/09/2021 Cleaning Materials, Workwear & PPE - Prior information notice High 09/11/2021
08/09/2021 Public Toilet Cleaning Low 13/10/2021
08/09/2021 School Cleaning Services High 08/10/2021
08/09/2021 Building Cleaning Services Low 28/09/2021
08/09/2021 Public Conveniences Cleaning Services Low 28/09/2021
08/09/2021 Public Building Cleaning Services Low 28/09/2021
08/09/2021 Cleaning Services Required Low 28/09/2021
08/09/2021 Cleaning Services Low 28/09/2021
07/09/2021 Domestic Services High 05/10/2021
07/09/2021 Provide Cleaning Services High 13/10/2021
07/09/2021 Pest Control Services Low 01/10/2021
06/09/2021 Pest Control Services - Framework Low 26/09/2021
06/09/2021 Hygiene & Associated Kits (Yemen) Low 22/09/2021
06/09/2021 Property Maintenance DPS Low 01/09/2031
05/09/2021 Cleaning Services High 06/10/2021
04/09/2021 Window & Gutter Cleaning High 05/10/2021
03/09/2021 Gritting and Grounds Maintenance Low 01/10/2021
03/09/2021 Cleaning Services Low 01/10/2021
03/09/2021 Bus Shelter & Glazing Maintenance High 05/10/2021
03/09/2021 Building Cleaning High 08/10/2021
03/09/2021 Laundry Equipment High 04/10/2021
03/09/2021 Primary School Cleaning Low 08/10/2021
02/09/2021 Laundry Spares & New Laundry Machines High 31/08/2022
02/09/2021 Equipment Maintenance & Servicing Low 22/09/2021
01/09/2021 Facilities Management - Kenya Low 19/09/2021
31/08/2021 Property Cleaning High 01/10/2021
31/08/2021 Street Cleaning Services Low 27/09/2021
31/08/2021 Cleaning & Grounds Maintenance High 12/10/2021
31/08/2021 Cleaning Services Required High 06/10/2021
31/08/2021 College Cleaning Services Low 06/10/2021
31/08/2021 Wash & Return Laundry Services - Existing Framework Low 24/09/2021
30/08/2021 Winter Clearance Framework High 27/09/2021
27/08/2021 Kitchen Cleaning Service Low 08/10/2021
27/08/2021 Building Cleaning High 01/10/2021
27/08/2021 Building Cleaning Services Low 01/10/2021
26/08/2021 Caretaking & Cleaning High 15/10/2021
26/08/2021 Cleaning Services High 27/09/2021
25/08/2021 Cleaning of Social Housing High 27/09/2021
25/08/2021 Provide Cleaning Services Low 27/09/2021
25/08/2021 Cleaning Services Required High 29/09/2021
24/08/2021 Winter Maintenance High 24/09/2021
20/08/2021 Office cleaning services High 20/09/2021
20/08/2021 Building Management Services - Prior Information Notice Low 21/08/2022
20/08/2021 Business Units Refurbishment Works Low 21/09/2021
20/08/2021 Communal cleaning works High 08/10/2021
20/08/2021 Winter gritting and snow clearance High 22/09/2021
19/08/2021 Maintaining Cleaning Machinery - Prior information notice High 19/10/2021
18/08/2021 Cleaning Services Required High 29/09/2021
18/08/2021 Building Cleaning Services High 20/09/2021
18/08/2021 Flooring Works High 06/10/2021
18/08/2021 Building Cleaning Services Low 20/09/2021
18/08/2021 Povision of event services High 21/09/2021
12/08/2021 Toilet Cleaning Services High 24/09/2021
12/08/2021 Laundry Equipment & Materials Low 22/09/2021
12/08/2021 Emergency Winter Maintenance Low 30/09/2021
11/08/2021 Cleansing of Bins Low 23/09/2021
10/08/2021 School Cleaning Services High 22/10/2021
05/08/2021 Approved supplier set up process Low 18/02/2099
22/07/2021 Campus Building Window Cleaning High 27/09/2021
20/07/2021 Cleaning Services - Prior information notice High 20/09/2021
19/07/2021 Soft Furnishings Framework - Prior information notice High 20/09/2021
14/07/2021 Future Procurement Frameworks Low 31/03/2022
06/07/2021 Cleaning Services (Italy) Low 25/09/2021
07/06/2021 Paved Surfaces Treatments Low 21/09/2021
28/05/2021 Multi Trade Subcontractor Framework Low 31/07/2029
20/05/2021 Property Maintennace DPS Low 31/07/2029
10/05/2021 Facilities Management Consultancy High 20/09/2021
04/05/2021 Street Cleaning Services High 20/09/2021
01/04/2021 Event Management and Infrastructure. To encompass a wide range of events suppliers to provide a full suite of events services divided into Lots - Prior information notice High 17/09/2021
10/03/2021 Voluntary, Charitable & Social Enterprise Services High 30/04/2031
07/12/2020 Laundry and Hire of Linen High 04/12/2026
07/12/2020 Laundry and Linen Hire High 04/12/2026
23/11/2020 DPS for Maintenance and Construction Subcontractors High 17/11/2030
28/10/2020 Public Realm Minor Works DPS High 22/10/2028
05/08/2020 Cleaning Services - Tender divided into 12 LOTs. High 30/07/2025
04/08/2020 Property and Estate Maintenance Framework Low 21/07/2030
10/07/2020 Maintenance Works High 30/07/2029
22/06/2020 PPE & Sanitising Supplies High 31/12/2021
04/05/2020 Hair and Beauty Consumables High 30/04/2025
28/02/2020 Building Cleaning Services High 25/02/2024
26/02/2020 Compliance & Facilities Management High 30/04/2030
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