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Date Published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline Date
26/05/2022 Greenhouse Gas Assessment Services Relating to Habitat Management Low 19/06/2022
26/05/2022 Low Carbon Programme Assessment Low 24/06/2022
26/05/2022 Asset Review and Assessment (Framework - Mini Competition) Low 14/06/2022
26/05/2022 Park Visitor Research Low 23/06/2022
26/05/2022 Business Decarbonising Assessment and Consultancy Low 17/06/2022
26/05/2022 Review of assets Low 14/06/2022
26/05/2022 Research Consultancy Services Low 28/06/2022
26/05/2022 Consultancy Services Low 07/06/2022
26/05/2022 Service Review Low 09/06/2022
26/05/2022 Programme Evaluation Services High 09/06/2022
26/05/2022 Evaluation Consultancy Services Low 15/06/2022
26/05/2022 Project Evaluation Services Low 13/06/2022
25/05/2022 Media Monitoring High 24/06/2022
25/05/2022 Service Review Low 17/06/2022
25/05/2022 Viability Assessment Low 06/06/2022
25/05/2022 Environmental Services Low 17/06/2022
25/05/2022 Research Services Low 09/06/2022
25/05/2022 Research Services Low 09/06/2022
25/05/2022 Research Services Low 09/06/2022
25/05/2022 Online & social media marketing campaign Low 22/06/2022
25/05/2022 Social Care Research Low 14/09/2022
25/05/2022 Events Services - Prior information notice PinHigh
25/05/2022 Magazine Distribution Low 10/06/2022
25/05/2022 Research & Interpretation Services Low 24/06/2022
25/05/2022 PR Campaign Low 13/06/2022
25/05/2022 Conduct an external evaluation of our fund Low 17/06/2022
25/05/2022 Exhibitions, Events, Promotions and Sampling - Prior information notice PinHigh 10/06/2022
25/05/2022 Interpretive Planner & Exhibition Design Team - Prior information notice PinHigh
25/05/2022 Health Care Research Low 30/05/2022
25/05/2022 Magazine advertising agency Low 17/06/2022
25/05/2022 Digital marketing agency - URGENT DEADLINE Low 09/06/2022
25/05/2022 External Analysis Services Low 20/06/2022
25/05/2022 Impact Assessment Low 13/06/2022
25/05/2022 Evaluation Services Low 08/06/2022
24/05/2022 Research Services - Robotic & Autonomous Systems High 25/06/2022
24/05/2022 Gallery Set Works Low 10/06/2022
24/05/2022 Marketing Services High 20/06/2022
24/05/2022 Digital Marketing & Communications High 24/06/2022
24/05/2022 Stakeholder Engagement & Communications High 27/06/2022
24/05/2022 Experienced brand agency Low 13/06/2022
24/05/2022 Free Supplier Day PinLow 20/07/2022
24/05/2022 Precision medicine research Low 18/07/2022
24/05/2022 Exhibition delivery & logistics Low 13/06/2022
24/05/2022 Housing Needs Assessment Low 15/07/2022
24/05/2022 Capacity Study Low 15/07/2022
24/05/2022 Feasibility Study Low 13/07/2022
24/05/2022 Analysis Services Low 08/06/2022
24/05/2022 Evaluation Consultancy Low 13/06/2022
24/05/2022 Energy management system feasibility studies Low 29/07/2022
24/05/2022 Audience Engagement Consultant Low 03/06/2022
24/05/2022 Consultancy Services Low 27/05/2022
24/05/2022 Digital Marketing Low 03/06/2022
24/05/2022 Creative & strategic marketing Low 30/05/2022
24/05/2022 Printing and Marketing NDA Low 17/06/2022
24/05/2022 Equality and Health Inequalities Impact Assessment Low 13/06/2022
24/05/2022 Healthcare marketing campaign Low 09/06/2022
24/05/2022 Feasibility Study Services Low 22/06/2022
24/05/2022 Marine Research Services Low 20/06/2022
23/05/2022 Storage Racking & Equipment High 28/06/2022
23/05/2022 Master Plan Production Low 01/06/2022
23/05/2022 Visitor Research - Prior information notice PinHigh
23/05/2022 Social media management Low 06/06/2022
23/05/2022 Town Planning Low 13/06/2022
23/05/2022 Consultancy Services Low 24/06/2022
23/05/2022 Research Consultancy Services (Denmark) Low 06/06/2022
23/05/2022 Country Assessment Low 20/06/2022
23/05/2022 Research Consultancy Services (Africa) Low 03/06/2022
23/05/2022 Research Consultancy Services Low 13/06/2022
23/05/2022 Research Consultancy Services Low 17/06/2022
23/05/2022 Healthcare creative marketing campaign Low 09/06/2022
23/05/2022 Research Services Low 30/06/2022
23/05/2022 Assess the equality of healthcare - Prior Information Notice PinLow 13/06/2022
23/05/2022 External validation of project progress Low 15/06/2022
23/05/2022 Exhibition graphics contractor Low 10/06/2022
21/05/2022 Digital Communication Improvement Low 06/06/2022
21/05/2022 Patient & public voice engagement Low 10/06/2022
20/05/2022 Audit market research Low 27/06/2022
20/05/2022 Review Consultancy Services Low 13/06/2022
20/05/2022 Analysis Services Low 10/06/2022
20/05/2022 Programme Evaluation Services Low 17/06/2022
20/05/2022 Sheep Lameness Pilot Project Low 08/06/2022
20/05/2022 Greenhouse Gas Emissions High 01/07/2022
20/05/2022 Review of prison healthcare Low 17/06/2022
20/05/2022 Costs of international humanitarian response - research Low 06/06/2022
20/05/2022 Youth Crime Survey Questions Low 01/06/2022
20/05/2022 Social Media Management Low 06/06/2022
20/05/2022 Analysis Consultancy Services Low 06/06/2022
20/05/2022 Research Services Low 01/07/2022
20/05/2022 Market Research Low 06/06/2022
20/05/2022 Campaign Advertising Services High 20/06/2022
20/05/2022 Market Research Services Low 17/06/2022
20/05/2022 Advertising Services High 27/06/2022
20/05/2022 Research & Strategy Consultancy High 29/06/2022
20/05/2022 Healthcare Audit Services High 20/06/2022
20/05/2022 Market Research Low 17/06/2022
20/05/2022 Assessment Services Low 30/06/2022
20/05/2022 Evaluation Consultancy Services Low 20/06/2022
20/05/2022 Project Evaluation Services Low 10/06/2022
20/05/2022 Evaluation Consultancy Services Low 18/06/2022
20/05/2022 Exhibition Stand Design & Build Low 17/06/2022
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We are B2B Quote Tenders, we source Marketing Tenders in the UK so that businesses can conveniently find new work opportunities and secure contracts. From Digital Marketing and Advertising to Market Research, we source a range of Tenders in sectors relevant to your business so that you can continue to grow. 

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Marketing Tender FAQs

What is a Marketing Tender?

A Marketing Tender is a project proposal  , relating to new contract opportunities in the Marketing sector, such as PR, Media Relations, Advertising, Digital Marketing and Communications. 

How to get Marketing Tenders in the UK

Here at B2B Quote Tenders, we make the process of finding Marketing Tenders in the UK simple. To get started,
sign up to our Tender Alert Service and create an account for your business. You’ll be able to refine the results by selecting the categories and regions which are relevant to you before viewing live Marketing Tenders. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about constantly checking for new Tenders as we’ll send you twice daily alerts which notify you when a new Marketing Tender has been published, so you can discover work opportunities hassle-free.

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What is the tendering process?

Tendering for a Marketing Tender involves Buyers publishing a Tender inviting businesses in the relevant sector to bid for the project. In your bid, you will need to highlight how you will complete the work and why you should win the project. If your company is successful, you will be awarded the contract and invitedobliged to carry out the work as stated in your Tender documentation. 

How to win a Marketing Tender

When bidding on a Marketing Tender, remember that you won’t be the only one looking to complete the project. You should spend sufficient time working on the Tender documentation to ensure it’s got the competitive edge it needs to win you the work. Here are a few tips for how to win a Marketing Tender:

Want to brush-up on your Tender writing skills? We also offer training courses for those who are new and experienced with the Tender writing process. From introducing you to the bidding process to helping you optimise your Tender writing to improve your success rate, we can help. Get in touch with our friendly team today to see how we can help.

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