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Date Published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline Date
29/06/2022 Clinical Coding High 29/07/2022
29/06/2022 Excel Consultancy Low 15/07/2022
29/06/2022 Business Application Development and Support Low 29/07/2022
29/06/2022 Financial Products - Evaluation High 27/07/2022
29/06/2022 House in multiple occupation licence Low 19/07/2022
29/06/2022 Place-based strategic cultural vision Low 19/07/2022
29/06/2022 HR Review Low 15/07/2022
29/06/2022 School funding review Low 15/07/2022
29/06/2022 Business Consultancy Services Low 26/07/2022
29/06/2022 Board Development Support Low 15/07/2022
29/06/2022 Procurement Consultancy Services Low 13/07/2022
28/06/2022 Sport Physiology Senior Consultant Low 27/07/2022
28/06/2022 Programme Support Manager Low 27/07/2022
28/06/2022 Supply of cereals and agricultural inputs Low 06/07/2022
28/06/2022 Workspace Assets - Management High 29/07/2022
28/06/2022 Business & Management Consultancy Services Low 13/07/2022
28/06/2022 Business Support Low 15/07/2022
28/06/2022 Business Training Low 15/07/2022
28/06/2022 Business Training Services Low 15/07/2022
28/06/2022 Business Support Low 15/07/2022
28/06/2022 Business Support Low 15/07/2022
28/06/2022 Workspace Assets - Management Low 29/07/2022
28/06/2022 Learning Programme Low 22/07/2022
28/06/2022 Tourism Business Mentor Panel Low 22/07/2022
27/06/2022 Technical Advisory Service - Prior information notice PinHigh 08/07/2022
27/06/2022 Business Continuity Plan Low 29/07/2022
27/06/2022 Project Management Consultancy Services Low 25/07/2022
27/06/2022 Support tackling inequalities Low 11/07/2022
27/06/2022 Sickness Absence Reporting - Prior Information Notice PinLow 27/07/2022
27/06/2022 Roundabout Sponsorship Concession Low 25/07/2022
27/06/2022 Independent Expert Low 15/07/2022
27/06/2022 Education, Marketing & Accreditation Low 21/07/2022
27/06/2022 Travel Risk Mitigation Low 07/07/2022
27/06/2022 Consultancy Services Low 20/07/2022
27/06/2022 Business Services Low 04/07/2022
27/06/2022 Business Consultancy Low 04/07/2022
27/06/2022 Cultural Heritage Consultancy Low 11/07/2022
27/06/2022 TV Skills Training Low 04/07/2022
27/06/2022 Business Support Programmes Low 22/07/2022
27/06/2022 Management Training Services Low 12/08/2022
24/06/2022 Mediation & Dispute Resolution Low 15/07/2022
24/06/2022 Dispute Resolution Service Low 18/07/2022
24/06/2022 Programme Management & Evaluation - Prior information notice PinHigh
24/06/2022 Climate Finance Business Cases - Prior Information Notice PinLow 30/06/2023
24/06/2022 Co-Production & Involvement Project Low 15/07/2022
24/06/2022 Consultancy Services Low 18/07/2022
24/06/2022 VCS Support - Stakeholder Event PinLow 08/07/2022
24/06/2022 Leadership assessment & development Low 22/07/2022
24/06/2022 Freedom of Information Training - Prior Information Notice PinHigh 24/07/2022
24/06/2022 Scenario Modelling - Prior Information Notice PinLow
23/06/2022 Community Support Service Programme High 19/07/2022
23/06/2022 Project Management Consultancy Low 08/07/2022
23/06/2022 Market Analysis Low 14/07/2022
23/06/2022 Consultancy Services Low 18/07/2022
23/06/2022 Economic Growth Consultancy Support Low 08/07/2022
23/06/2022 Programme to Improve Learning Outcomes (Africa) - Prior information notice PinHigh
23/06/2022 Education Services - Overseas - Prior Information Notice PinLow 18/07/2022
23/06/2022 Energy governance reform assessment Low 06/07/2022
23/06/2022 Redevelop and expand a visitor attraction Low 11/07/2022
22/06/2022 Project Coordination Services Low 18/07/2022
22/06/2022 Internal Control System Auditor Service (Falkland Islands) Low 13/07/2022
22/06/2022 Consultancy Services Low 06/07/2022
22/06/2022 Brand Review Low 13/07/2022
22/06/2022 Culture Change Programme High 27/07/2022
22/06/2022 Strategic Plan & Review Low 15/07/2022
22/06/2022 External Review Low 22/07/2022
22/06/2022 Training Services High 25/07/2022
22/06/2022 Design Consultancy (Jamaica) Low 06/07/2022
22/06/2022 Intensive accelerator-style business support Low 08/07/2022
22/06/2022 Executive Coaching Services Low 22/07/2022
22/06/2022 Support for Voluntary Groups Low 04/07/2022
22/06/2022 Leadership, Management and Policy Consultancy - Philippines Low 17/07/2022
21/06/2022 Leadership & Development Low 13/07/2022
21/06/2022 Leadership Development Programme Low 07/07/2022
21/06/2022 Technical Assistance (Jamaica) Low 05/07/2022
21/06/2022 Development Coaching Services Low 12/07/2022
21/06/2022 Consultancy services (Jamaica) Low 11/07/2022
21/06/2022 Investment fund management Low 21/07/2022
21/06/2022 TMMi Assessment Low 04/07/2022
21/06/2022 Management and support for volunteers Low 20/07/2022
21/06/2022 Property business rates strategy Low 04/07/2022
20/06/2022 Consultancy Services Low 06/07/2022
20/06/2022 Volunteer Management Services High 20/07/2022
20/06/2022 Climate Technical Assistance Programme - Prior information notice PinHigh
20/06/2022 Local Economic & Community Plan Low 11/07/2022
20/06/2022 Foreign Economic Aid - Prior Information Notice PinLow 05/07/2022
20/06/2022 Review Consultancy Low 01/07/2022
20/06/2022 Review of reward programme Low 07/07/2022
20/06/2022 Code of Practice for Information Security Management) Low 06/07/2022
19/06/2022 Digital Change Agency Low 04/07/2022
17/06/2022 Evaluation Consultancy Services High 05/07/2022
17/06/2022 Benchmarking Services - Framework Low 08/07/2022
17/06/2022 Pathology Services Low 30/06/2022
17/06/2022 Consultancy Support Services Low 08/07/2022
17/06/2022 Programme Manager Required Low 18/07/2022
17/06/2022 Executive Development Centre Model High 15/07/2022
17/06/2022 Accelerator Programme Low 08/07/2022
17/06/2022 Specialist School Trust Low 29/07/2022
17/06/2022 Recruitment Services - Framework Low 08/07/2022
17/06/2022 Lean Consultancy Services Low 08/07/2022
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What are Management Consulting Tenders?

Management Consulting Tenders are types of Tenders which cover a range of services such as Business Consultancy and Personal Development. Tendering in management consulting involves a Buyer inviting contractors in the relevant field of work to bid for a project. 

How to write winning Management Consulting Tenders

Trying to find a Tender for project management consultancy services? You’re not the only one! It’s important for your business to take time to create and refine your Tender response so that you have the best chance of standing out from the competition. Here’s some tips on how to write winning Tenders:


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