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Date Published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline Date
19/04/2024 IT Services High 20/05/2024
19/04/2024 Reconfiguration related media & stakeholder communications Low 03/05/2024
18/04/2024 Business & management consultancy High 10/05/2024
18/04/2024 Bursaries for Higher Education - Mauritius High 20/05/2024
18/04/2024 Support for local businesses Low 20/05/2024
18/04/2024 Energy Management Services High 17/05/2024
18/04/2024 Develop a LEAN deployment programme of work Low 30/05/2024
18/04/2024 Human resources management consultancy - Prior information notice PinHigh 18/05/2024
18/04/2024 Business Consultancy Services Low 08/05/2024
17/04/2024 Techno-economic feasibility study High 17/05/2024
17/04/2024 ISO Consultancy High 07/06/2024
17/04/2024 Technical Assurance Low 01/05/2024
17/04/2024 Technical Assurance Low 01/05/2024
17/04/2024 Business Consultancy Low 09/05/2024
17/04/2024 Wayfinding Strategy and Design - Prior Information Notice PinHigh 30/04/2024
17/04/2024 Infrastructure Support - Prior information notice PinHigh 26/04/2024
17/04/2024 Training Services - Framework Low 15/05/2024
17/04/2024 Problem-solving, mentoring & networking support High 17/05/2024
16/04/2024 Content Creation Low 16/05/2024
16/04/2024 Digital Services Low 16/05/2024
16/04/2024 Digital Services Low 16/05/2024
16/04/2024 Business Training Programme - Framework Low 21/05/2024
16/04/2024 Business Consultancy Services Low 06/05/2024
16/04/2024 Framework Afor the detention or rehabilitation of criminals - Prior Information Notice PinHigh 31/12/2024
16/04/2024 Accommodation Pipeline Monitor Low 07/05/2024
16/04/2024 Retail, ATM's and Vending - Prior information notice PinHigh 16/05/2024
16/04/2024 Farming Consultancy Low 06/05/2024
15/04/2024 Business Support High 17/05/2024
15/04/2024 Procurement Consultancy Services - Qualification System High 19/04/2033
15/04/2024 Leadership Training Programme Low 20/05/2024
15/04/2024 Sustainability Consultancy Services Low 06/05/2024
15/04/2024 Development Consultancy Services - Prior Information Notice PinLow 15/05/2024
13/04/2024 Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment Low 06/05/2024
12/04/2024 Energy Efficiency - Consultancy Services High 10/05/2024
12/04/2024 Consultancy Services Low 03/05/2024
12/04/2024 Personal development training framework - Prior information notice PinHigh 12/05/2024
12/04/2024 Local, public, voluntary and community sector services Low 13/05/2024
12/04/2024 Review Consultancy Low 10/05/2024
12/04/2024 Charity Funding Support - Prior Information Notice PinLow 12/05/2024
12/04/2024 Director Level Leadership Development Low 09/05/2024
11/04/2024 Leadership Programme High 08/05/2024
11/04/2024 Accredited Programmes - Framework Low 10/05/2024
11/04/2024 Helpline Support High 20/05/2024
11/04/2024 Water Programme Delivery - Periodic indicative notice PinHigh 30/04/2024
11/04/2024 Consultancy Services Low 24/04/2024
11/04/2024 Business Support High 13/05/2024
11/04/2024 Business Services Low 26/04/2024
11/04/2024 System-wide review Low 08/05/2024
11/04/2024 Heritage Engagement Consultancy Low 03/05/2024
11/04/2024 Business Planner Required Low 10/05/2024
11/04/2024 Development Consultancy Services Low 30/04/2024
11/04/2024 Business Coordinator Required Low 02/05/2024
11/04/2024 Advisory and consultative engineering services PrivateProject 23/04/2024
11/04/2024 Children & Young People’s Plan Low 10/05/2024
10/04/2024 Consultancy for undertaking a PPA Market engagement and RFQ processes - Prior Information Notice PinLow 26/04/2024
10/04/2024 Climate Action Support - Prior Information Notice PinHigh 29/04/2024
10/04/2024 UKAS Accredited Certification High 21/05/2024
10/04/2024 Independent Certification Assessment Services - Prior information notice PinHigh 30/04/2024
10/04/2024 Consultancy Services High 09/05/2024
10/04/2024 Review of estate rate value Low 22/04/2024
09/04/2024 Assessment Services High 04/06/2024
09/04/2024 Quality Assurance Testing High 26/04/2024
09/04/2024 Music Sector Network Capacity Building - Prior information notice PinHigh 31/05/2024
09/04/2024 Export Accelerator Within the Creative Industries - Prior information notice PinHigh 31/05/2024
09/04/2024 Management Consultancy Support - Prior information notice PinHigh 10/05/2024
09/04/2024 Education Consultancy High 20/05/2024
09/04/2024 Social Care Consultancy Low 01/05/2024
09/04/2024 SME Decarbonisation Loan Programme - Prior information notice PinHigh 09/05/2024
09/04/2024 Climate Action Integration High 08/05/2024
09/04/2024 Psychometric assessment services High 14/05/2024
08/04/2024 Software Consultancy Services - Framework Low 21/05/2024
08/04/2024 Mentoring Programme High 22/04/2024
08/04/2024 Business Support - Periodic indicative notice High 22/04/2024
08/04/2024 Strategy to set clear priorities for sport Low 06/05/2024
08/04/2024 Environmental Impacts Assessment Low 08/05/2024
05/04/2024 Business Support Low 26/04/2024
05/04/2024 Accessibility Review Low 24/04/2024
05/04/2024 Masterplan for a Grade II listed building Low 22/04/2024
05/04/2024 ISO Certification Consultancy Low 06/05/2024
05/04/2024 Business Plan Consultants Low 26/04/2024
05/04/2024 Corporate Strategic Planning - Prior Information Notice PinHigh 05/05/2024
05/04/2024 Consultancy Services (Seychelles) Low 26/04/2024
05/04/2024 IR35 legislation - Prior Information Notice PinLow 05/05/2024
05/04/2024 Review of pay & benefits Low 06/05/2024
05/04/2024 External research provider Low 02/05/2024
05/04/2024 Sustainability Appraisal of Transport Low 30/04/2024
04/04/2024 Consultancy Services High 05/05/2024
04/04/2024 Project Management & Technical Support Services High 05/05/2024
04/04/2024 Technical Assistance services - Family Planning / Reproductive Health - Prior information notice PinHigh 05/05/2024
04/04/2024 Options Appraisal and Outline Design Low 25/04/2024
04/04/2024 Quality Assurance Low 22/05/2024
04/04/2024 Consultancy Services High 04/05/2024
04/04/2024 Heritage Consultant Low 19/04/2024
04/04/2024 Investment Consultancy High 23/04/2024
04/04/2024 Coaching services Low 25/04/2024
03/04/2024 Core Services Integrator - Prior information notice PinHigh 03/05/2024
03/04/2024 Neighbourhood Planning Guidance & Templates Low 14/05/2024
03/04/2024 Activity Planning Consultancy Low 24/04/2024
03/04/2024 Mentoring Services High 03/05/2024
02/04/2024 Evaluation Consultancy Low 30/04/2024
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Management Consulting Tenders FAQs

What are Management Consulting Tenders?

Management Consulting Tenders are types of Tenders which cover a range of services such as Business Consultancy and Personal Development. Tendering in management consulting involves a Buyer inviting contractors in the relevant field of work to bid for a project. 

How to write winning Management Consulting Tenders

Trying to find a Tender for project management consultancy services? You’re not the only one! It’s important for your business to take time to create and refine your Tender response so that you have the best chance of standing out from the competition. Here’s some tips on how to write winning Tenders:


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