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Date Published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline Date
24/05/2022 Grounds Maintenance Low 24/06/2022
24/05/2022 Free Supplier Day PinLow 20/07/2022
24/05/2022 Platform & Highway Works Low 21/06/2022
24/05/2022 Landscape Maintenance & Cleansing Low 17/06/2022
24/05/2022 Path Construction Works Low 22/06/2022
24/05/2022 Public Realm Enhancement Works Low 14/06/2022
24/05/2022 Grounds Maintenance Contract - 3 Years Low 10/06/2022
24/05/2022 Construction Works High 28/06/2022
24/05/2022 Peatland Works Low 10/06/2022
24/05/2022 Environmental Facilities Works Low 24/06/2022
23/05/2022 Construction of new car park Low 17/06/2022
23/05/2022 Tree Field Survey Low 15/06/2022
23/05/2022 Consultancy Services Low 24/06/2022
23/05/2022 Playground Refurbishment Works Low 23/06/2022
23/05/2022 CLEANING & GARDENING - BANJUL Low 13/06/2022
23/05/2022 Public Realm & Associated Works High 13/07/2022
23/05/2022 Grounds Maintenance Low 20/06/2022
23/05/2022 Annual bedding bulbs Low 27/05/2022
20/05/2022 Refurbishment Works to Halls of Residence High 24/06/2022
20/05/2022 Vegetation Clearance Works Low 31/05/2022
20/05/2022 Vegetation Management Services Low 31/05/2022
20/05/2022 Playing Field Design & Build Low 10/06/2022
20/05/2022 Landscaping Work Low 14/06/2022
20/05/2022 Arboriculture Services Low 16/06/2022
20/05/2022 Consultancy Services - Prior Information Notice PinHigh
20/05/2022 Design & Construction of Integrated Constructed Wetland Sites - Prior Information Notice PinHigh
20/05/2022 Office Fit-out High 24/06/2022
20/05/2022 Construction Consultancy Services Low 16/06/2022
19/05/2022 Design & Construction Works High 18/07/2022
19/05/2022 New Build Construction Works High 18/07/2022
19/05/2022 Conservation Works Low 16/06/2022
19/05/2022 Verge and drain maintenance - Montserrat Low 08/06/2022
19/05/2022 Roads Maintenance Works - Sub-Contract Opportunity Low 17/06/2022
19/05/2022 Grass Cutting & Maintenance Works Low 02/06/2022
19/05/2022 Public Rights of Way Furniture Low 27/06/2022
19/05/2022 Drainage, Underground Investigation & Landscaping - Framework Low 08/06/2022
19/05/2022 Regeneration Plans Development Low 10/06/2022
19/05/2022 Landscaping Works Low 10/06/2022
18/05/2022 Civil Engineering Works High 10/06/2022
18/05/2022 Tree Maintenance Low 31/05/2022
18/05/2022 Tree Maintenance Services Low 31/05/2022
18/05/2022 Tree Maintenance Low 26/05/2022
18/05/2022 Aggregate Extraction and Processing Low 23/06/2022
18/05/2022 Grounds Maintenance High 22/06/2022
18/05/2022 Grass Cutting Works Low 13/06/2022
18/05/2022 Public realm enhancements High 13/06/2022
18/05/2022 Ground Works Low 20/06/2022
17/05/2022 Building Refurbishment Works Low 10/06/2022
17/05/2022 Fertilisers Low 31/05/2022
17/05/2022 Design Team Consultancy Services - Framework Low 24/06/2022
17/05/2022 Bund Levelling Works Low 06/06/2022
17/05/2022 Civil and ground works contractor PrivateProject 27/05/2022
17/05/2022 Landscape Architectural Services Low 14/06/2022
17/05/2022 Construction Works High 07/06/2022
16/05/2022 Cemetery ground works Low 06/06/2022
16/05/2022 Bedding Plants Low 01/06/2022
16/05/2022 Peatland Works Low 13/06/2022
16/05/2022 Forestry Management Services Low 13/06/2022
16/05/2022 Hard Works for playing field Low 10/06/2022
13/05/2022 Interment Vaults High 15/06/2022
13/05/2022 Landscaping & Groundworks High 30/06/2027
13/05/2022 Forestry Services Low 13/06/2022
13/05/2022 Environmental Management Services Low 10/06/2022
13/05/2022 Creation of a wetland habitat Low 13/06/2022
12/05/2022 Planting Works High 14/05/2030
12/05/2022 Maintaining gardens Low 16/06/2022
12/05/2022 University Campus Grounds Maintenance Low 09/06/2022
12/05/2022 Ducting and tubing repairs Low 25/05/2022
12/05/2022 Tree planting works Low 23/06/2022
11/05/2022 Highway development engagement event - Prior Information Notice PinLow 26/05/2022
11/05/2022 Grounds Maintenance, Street Cleansing & Building Cleansing High 05/07/2022
11/05/2022 Public Realm Improvements High 16/06/2022
11/05/2022 Grounds Maintenance & Cleansing Contract Low 05/07/2022
11/05/2022 Landscape Maintenance & Cleansing Low 08/06/2022
11/05/2022 Appoint an Integrated Design Team High 08/06/2022
10/05/2022 Housing Maintenance Works Low 02/06/2022
10/05/2022 Play Area Low 06/06/2022
10/05/2022 Tree Felling Services Low 13/06/2022
10/05/2022 Research Services Low 01/06/2022
10/05/2022 Park improvements Low 16/06/2022
10/05/2022 Woodland Creation Low 03/06/2022
10/05/2022 Modular Building Low 01/06/2022
10/05/2022 3G multi use sport field Low 31/05/2022
10/05/2022 Grounds Maintenance Works Low 04/07/2022
09/05/2022 Children's Home Construction Low 10/06/2022
09/05/2022 Riparian Planting & Bush Trimming Works Low 06/06/2022
09/05/2022 Grounds Maintenance High 10/06/2022
09/05/2022 Urban Development Works Low 27/05/2022
06/05/2022 Playspaces Design, Supply & Installation Low 17/06/2022
06/05/2022 Urban-Design Led Team Low 08/06/2022
06/05/2022 Fencing & Landscaping Low 27/05/2022
06/05/2022 Management of Trees High 10/06/2022
06/05/2022 Technical Consultancy Services - Prior information notice PinHigh
06/05/2022 Arboriculture Service Low 10/06/2022
06/05/2022 Civil Works Low 03/06/2022
06/05/2022 Engineering Consultancy Services Low 08/06/2022
06/05/2022 Bridge Works Low 25/05/2022
06/05/2022 Framework for hard and soft facilities Low 30/06/2022
06/05/2022 Architect Lead Design Team Framework High 22/06/2022
06/05/2022 Road Realignment Works High 15/06/2022
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Landscaping Tender FAQs

Why choose us for Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance contracts?

We are B2B Quote Tenders and we source Landscaping, Gardening, Arboriculture and Grounds Maintenance Tenders in the UK. Our Tender sourcing team saves you time by finding the best new opportunities matched to your business profile. We then send you twice daily notifications via our Tender Alert Service, enabling you to find Tenders that apply to your services easily.

 We understand just how important it is to learn about new opportunities quickly so that you have the time to create high-quality, winning Tender bids. By signing up to our Tender Alert Service (which you can do for free) you can save time, effort and money as you access thousands of Tenders within the Public Sector. Choose from unlimited categories and specific regions to receive an alert containing the most relevant Tenders matched to your business.

 Here at B2B Quote Tenders, we offer our services at a competitive price to help you save more - learn about our pricing here. With over 300 new Tenders being published every day in the Public Sector, you’re sure to find the right Tendering opportunities to suit your needs. 

Ground Maintenance Contracts FAQs 

What are Landscaping Tenders?

Tendering for Landscaping work is the process of a company inviting contractors to bid for work on a Landscaping related project. Landscaping Tenders cover a range of services including designing outdoor areas such as parks, grading land, installing fixtures such as garden watering systems and more. 

What is the Tendering Process?

The Tendering process involves inviting contractors working in a relevant sector to bid for work to secure and fulfil a contract. If you’re searching for a Grounds Maintenance Tender, using an opportunity finder such as our Tender Alert Service will save you time by notifying you of any new Tenders that match your business’s profile. You’ll be able to look through the live Grounds Maintenance contracts before deciding whether it’s right for you and subscribing to obtain the buyers details; you will then go on to complete a Tendering document as part of your bidding process. 

You should spend plenty of time ensuring that your Tendering document meets the contract’s requirements, highlighting as requested how you will complete the project and why a contractor should choose you; it’s your chance to distinguish yourself from competitors and you can support your proposal as required with awards, testimonials and case studies.

How to get Ground Maintenance Contracts?

Getting Ground Maintenance contracts couldn’t be any simpler with B2B Quote Tenders. You can sign up to our Tender Alert Service for free and opt to upgrade (at just £7 per week) should you wish to. Once your profile has been set up you can start to search for live Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping Tenders in the specific categories and regions you have selected. 


Find out more about our Tender Alert service and how it works here. 

What are some tips about winning a Grounds Maintenance Tender?

  1. Ensure that you have read through and understand the Tender documentation and its requirements so you know whether your business can realistically fulfil the client’s needs. 
  2. Be specific in your Grounds Maintenance Tender bid. It would be beneficial as requested to include previous case studies of similar Grounds Maintenance or Landscaping projects you’ve worked on alongside any awards and client references - this will help to demonstrate that your business has the experience and knowledge to fulfil the contract to a high standard within the specified timeframe. 
  3. Include any subcontractors in the Tender process.
  4. Follow the Tender instructions, being careful to stick to word limits.
  5. Ensure that you are providing accurate details and your pricing document is complete.


Here at B2B Quote Tenders, we offer Tender training courses for both those who are new to the Tender process and for those who are experienced.

Please get in touch for further details on how we can assist you. 

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