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Date Published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline Date
21/01/2022 Energy Meter Services Low 18/02/2022
21/01/2022 Environmental Strategy Low 11/02/2022
21/01/2022 Environmental Assessment services Low 28/01/2022
21/01/2022 Planning Ecological Services Low 03/02/2022
21/01/2022 Heat Mapping & Masterplanning Low 11/02/2022
21/01/2022 Modelling Services High 28/02/2022
21/01/2022 Offshore Transmission Licence High 31/03/2022
21/01/2022 Erosion Prevention Works High 16/02/2022
21/01/2022 Archaeological Processing Services High 16/02/2022
21/01/2022 Public Realm & Flood Defence Project High 23/02/2022
20/01/2022 Food Interventions High 02/03/2022
20/01/2022 Transport Consultancy Services High 28/02/2022
20/01/2022 Official Controls Food Interventions Low 02/03/2022
20/01/2022 Water Bridge Project Surveys Low 11/02/2022
20/01/2022 Energy Efficiency High 17/02/2022
20/01/2022 Integrated Water Management Study Low 28/01/2022
20/01/2022 Renewable Energy - Prior Information Notice Low 26/01/2022
19/01/2022 Landfill Sites - Maintenance High 21/02/2022
19/01/2022 Transport Plan & Travel Strategy Constancy Low 16/02/2022
19/01/2022 Peatland Restoration Grants Low 04/04/2022
19/01/2022 Energy Services Low 23/02/2022
19/01/2022 Energy Auditing Services Low 09/02/2022
19/01/2022 Consultancy Services Low 18/02/2022
19/01/2022 Fire Risk Assessments Low 18/02/2022
19/01/2022 Access Audit Low 09/02/2022
18/01/2022 Reactive Repairs & Maintenance Works Low 28/03/2022
18/01/2022 Air Quality Monitoring Equipment Low 04/02/2022
18/01/2022 Urban Planning Services Low 01/02/2022
18/01/2022 Marine Survey Services Low 11/02/2022
18/01/2022 Submetering Solution Low 31/01/2022
17/01/2022 Conservation Plan for a Unique Historic Site Low 08/02/2022
17/01/2022 Desk Study & Literature Review Low 11/02/2022
17/01/2022 Peer Challenge Low 28/02/2022
14/01/2022 Installation & Refurbishment Works High 28/02/2022
14/01/2022 Site Investigation Services Low 04/02/2022
14/01/2022 Storage Heater, PV & Battery Project - Prior Information Notice Low 28/01/2022
14/01/2022 Contract Administrator Required Low 31/01/2022
14/01/2022 Routine Resurvey Low 04/02/2022
14/01/2022 Environmental Services Low 04/02/2022
14/01/2022 Environmental Surveys Low 01/02/2022
14/01/2022 Solar PV & Battery Systems Low 29/03/2022
14/01/2022 Resilience support to farmers High 11/02/2022
14/01/2022 Solar PV System Low 11/02/2022
14/01/2022 Health and Safety for Refurbishment Project Low 04/02/2022
14/01/2022 Property Technical Advisory Framework - Prior Information Notice High 14/03/2022
13/01/2022 Domestic Energy Efficiency Retrofit Installation High 15/02/2022
13/01/2022 Conservation Plan Low 04/02/2022
13/01/2022 Marine Survey Services Low 02/02/2022
13/01/2022 Feasibility of Solar Energy Generation Low 28/01/2022
12/01/2022 PV Panels Low 25/02/2022
12/01/2022 Invoice Validation, Management & Reporting Low 10/02/2022
12/01/2022 Solar PV Works High 28/01/2022
12/01/2022 Soil Pests Innovative Products Development Low 09/02/2022
12/01/2022 Hydrogen BECCS Innovation Programme Low 11/03/2022
12/01/2022 Agri-Environmental Planning Services Low 25/01/2022
12/01/2022 Weir and ford construction works Low 18/02/2022
12/01/2022 Solar Pay and Display Parking Equipment High 25/02/2022
11/01/2022 Vessel Monitoring Services Low 01/02/2022
11/01/2022 Flood Investigation Works Low 25/01/2022
11/01/2022 Specialist Design Team Consultancy Low 04/02/2022
11/01/2022 Hydro Electric Scheme Delivery - Prior information notice High 12/03/2022
11/01/2022 Risk-Management Advice & Guidance Low 01/02/2022
11/01/2022 Climate Change Advice Services Low 28/01/2022
11/01/2022 Carbon Datase Data Review Low 31/01/2022
11/01/2022 Environmental Services Low 04/02/2022
11/01/2022 Land Contamination Identification Low 31/01/2022
11/01/2022 Plans for dealing with air pollution Low 28/01/2022
11/01/2022 Environmental Monitoring Services - Prior Information Notice Low 24/01/2022
11/01/2022 Settlement Audit Low 07/02/2022
10/01/2022 Energy Efficiency Works Low 10/03/2022
10/01/2022 Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Low 24/03/2022
08/01/2022 Environmental Services Low 04/02/2022
07/01/2022 District Heating Consultancy Services Low 28/01/2022
07/01/2022 Forestry Services Low 07/02/2022
07/01/2022 Waste Services Low 09/02/2022
07/01/2022 Framework for Engineering Services High 04/03/2022
07/01/2022 Green infrastructure enhancement Low 28/01/2022
07/01/2022 HEPA Air Purifier - Prior Information Notice Low 11/02/2022
07/01/2022 Energy Equipment Upgrade Low 01/02/2022
07/01/2022 Energy Efficiency Retrofit High 01/02/2022
07/01/2022 Water Hygiene Services Low 28/01/2022
07/01/2022 Habitat Research Study Low 31/01/2022
06/01/2022 Engineering Consultancy Services Low 04/02/2022
06/01/2022 Renewable energy generator - framework High 07/02/2022
06/01/2022 Renewables Maintenance Services Low 25/01/2022
06/01/2022 Water Quality Services Low 28/01/2022
06/01/2022 Needs case assessment framework Low 24/01/2022
05/01/2022 Bathymetry Surveys Low 04/02/2022
05/01/2022 Zero carbon model Low 01/02/2022
05/01/2022 Transition of buildings to zero carbon Low 01/02/2022
05/01/2022 Agricultural, Forestry and Equestrian Advisory Low 08/02/2022
05/01/2022 Community sustainability strategy Low 25/01/2022
30/12/2021 Archaeology Advice & Heritage Consultancy High 03/02/2022
29/12/2021 Borehole Solarisation Water Supply Scheme (Ethiopia) Low 27/01/2022
28/12/2021 Design Team & Project Management services - Framework High 01/02/2022
28/12/2021 Asset Inspection Services High 04/02/2022
27/12/2021 Molecular analysis services High 27/01/2022
27/12/2021 Framework for Engineering Services High 07/02/2022
24/12/2021 Splar PV Panels & Electric Vehicle Chargers High 31/01/2022
23/12/2021 Highways Professional Services High 07/02/2022
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