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Date Published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline Date
15/07/2024 Environmental Monitoring Package Low 29/07/2024
15/07/2024 Otter Study Services Low 09/08/2024
15/07/2024 DPS for sustainability related legislative obligations PinHigh 15/08/2024
15/07/2024 Environmental Consultancy Single Party Framework High 17/08/2024
15/07/2024 Urban renewal project High 23/08/2024
15/07/2024 Heating & Hot Water Systems / Solar Arrays Low 26/07/2024
12/07/2024 Water Quality Project Low 09/08/2024
12/07/2024 Water Quality Services Low 09/08/2024
12/07/2024 Marine Research Services Low 09/08/2024
12/07/2024 Water Quality Project Works Low 09/08/2024
12/07/2024 Global Carbon Finance Model Data High 16/08/2024
12/07/2024 Energy Consultant Required - Framework Low 16/08/2024
12/07/2024 Water quality management and assessment - Bangladesh Low 29/08/2024
12/07/2024 Remote maritime intelligence High 12/08/2024
12/07/2024 Rocky Ramp/Stepped Pool Works Low 26/07/2024
12/07/2024 Forestry Camp Site Acquisition Opportunity Low 04/11/2024
12/07/2024 Installation Works Low 02/08/2024
11/07/2024 Ecological Services Low 09/08/2024
11/07/2024 Survey Services Low 22/07/2024
11/07/2024 Lamprey Survey Low 31/07/2024
11/07/2024 Aquaculture Network (Bangladesh) High 29/08/2024
11/07/2024 Environmental Services High 15/08/2024
11/07/2024 Oil Interceptors Servicing & Desludging Low 09/08/2024
10/07/2024 Research Services Low 22/07/2024
10/07/2024 Road Weather Forecasting & Ice Prediction Services High 13/08/2024
10/07/2024 Marine Research Services Low 31/07/2024
10/07/2024 Energy Management Services - Prior information notice PinHigh 10/08/2024
10/07/2024 Research Services Low 12/08/2024
10/07/2024 Environmental improvement Works Low 28/08/2024
09/07/2024 Flood Risk Assessment Low 29/07/2024
09/07/2024 Research Services Low 02/08/2024
09/07/2024 Research on water resources planning Low 02/08/2024
09/07/2024 Weather-forecasting services - Prior Information Notice PinHigh 08/08/2024
09/07/2024 Legionella Services High 30/08/2024
09/07/2024 Wood Fuel & Boiler Maintenance High 14/08/2024
09/07/2024 Renewable Energy Low 19/07/2024
09/07/2024 Offshore energy regulations - REQUEST FOR INFORMATION PinLow 29/07/2024
08/07/2024 Chemical & Demineralised Water Supply Low 29/07/2024
08/07/2024 Solar PV Installation Low 14/08/2024
08/07/2024 Business Consultancy Services - Prior Information Notice PinLow 05/08/2024
08/07/2024 Marine research & monitoring services Low 22/07/2024
08/07/2024 Landscape Characterising Survey Low 02/08/2024
08/07/2024 Ecological & Wildlife Surveys Low 24/07/2024
08/07/2024 Construction consultancy services High 08/08/2024
08/07/2024 Bathymetric surveys services High 07/08/2024
08/07/2024 Building Surveying Services - Prior Information Notice PinLow 12/08/2024
08/07/2024 Study in meteorology and climate science Low 05/09/2024
05/07/2024 Environmental decontamination services High 05/08/2024
05/07/2024 Internal and external space review Low 16/07/2024
05/07/2024 Energy Plan - Prior Information Notice PinLow 26/08/2024
05/07/2024 Practical Skills Sessions Low 29/07/2024
05/07/2024 Aquatic antimicrobial resistance study Low 05/08/2024
05/07/2024 Side scan sonar detection technology Low 22/07/2024
05/07/2024 Research understanding risks to ecosystems Low 02/08/2024
05/07/2024 Framework for Supporting Rural Communities High 09/08/2024
05/07/2024 Social Housing Decarbonisation Works High 05/08/2024
05/07/2024 Evaluation Consultancy Low 19/07/2024
05/07/2024 Solar PV Panels Low 26/07/2024
04/07/2024 Construction Professional Services PinHigh 18/07/2024
04/07/2024 Construction of peat dams High 09/08/2024
04/07/2024 Environmental rehabilitation High 07/08/2024
04/07/2024 Updated dataset of emissions - Prior Information Notice PinHigh 12/08/2024
04/07/2024 Flood Mapping & Modelling Framework Low 04/08/2024
04/07/2024 Site Surveys & Investigations - Prior Information Notice PinLow 04/08/2024
04/07/2024 Peatland Restoration Works Low 19/07/2024
03/07/2024 Wave Measuring Instrumentation Low 24/07/2024
03/07/2024 Solar PV Project Low 01/08/2024
03/07/2024 End-to-end retrofit delivery partner Low 24/07/2024
03/07/2024 Economic research and planning services Low 31/07/2024
03/07/2024 Crayfish Survey Low 24/07/2024
03/07/2024 Coastline Restoration Works Low 02/08/2024
03/07/2024 Driving colleague engagement and culture change Low 26/07/2024
03/07/2024 Environmental Services - Framework Low 16/08/2024
03/07/2024 Solar panel roof-covering work Low 05/08/2024
03/07/2024 Understanding the principles of sheep and cow production Low 16/07/2024
03/07/2024 Ecological Surveying & Reporting Low 17/07/2024
03/07/2024 Battery Storage and Solar Panels Low 09/08/2024
03/07/2024 Marine operations turn-key solution Low 19/07/2024
03/07/2024 Monitor and measure energy usage Low 23/07/2024
03/07/2024 Ecological Assessment Low 19/07/2024
02/07/2024 Sustainable heating & cooling system Low 26/07/2024
02/07/2024 Power Supply High 02/08/2024
02/07/2024 Environmental Assessment services Low 23/07/2024
02/07/2024 Topographical UAV Survey Low 19/07/2024
02/07/2024 Environmental surveys & field data collection Low 16/07/2024
02/07/2024 Archaeological Dive & Geophysical Survey Low 28/07/2024
02/07/2024 Legionella Services Low 22/07/2024
02/07/2024 Engineering Consultancy Services High 31/07/2024
02/07/2024 Environmental Consultancy Services High 09/08/2024
01/07/2024 Energy-management services Low 01/08/2024
01/07/2024 Fisheries Activity Assessments & Management Measures High 31/07/2024
01/07/2024 Ultrapure Water system High 16/08/2024
01/07/2024 Install a PV solar & battery system Low 26/07/2024
01/07/2024 Air Survey Services Low 24/07/2024
01/07/2024 Academic & Scientific Research Low 19/07/2024
29/06/2024 Carbon audits and mitigation plans Low 19/07/2024
28/06/2024 Air Pollution Monitoring High 03/09/2024
28/06/2024 Peatland Restoration High 02/08/2024
28/06/2024 Site Information & Conditional Surveys High 01/08/2024
28/06/2024 Multi-Discipline Consultancy High 02/08/2024
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