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Date Published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline Date
25/05/2022 Energy Efficient Measures Low 23/06/2022
25/05/2022 Energy Efficiency Measures High 28/06/2022
25/05/2022 Water pipe capping works Low 15/06/2022
25/05/2022 Cabling Installation & Maintenance Low 01/07/2022
25/05/2022 EV (Bus) Charging Equipment High 22/06/2022
25/05/2022 Building Services (M&E) Engineering Services High 22/06/2022
25/05/2022 Supplier Engagement Event - Prior Information Notice PinLow
25/05/2022 Electrical Works Low 02/06/2022
25/05/2022 Roofing & Roughcasting Work Low 15/06/2022
24/05/2022 Heating upgrade works Low 03/06/2022
24/05/2022 Electrical upgrade works Low 14/06/2022
24/05/2022 Replacement of heating plant Low 13/06/2022
24/05/2022 Heating Scheme Low 10/06/2022
24/05/2022 Free Supplier Day PinLow 20/07/2022
24/05/2022 Heating plant replacement Low 15/06/2022
24/05/2022 Engineering Machinery for Schools Low 14/06/2022
24/05/2022 Heating replacement tender Low 13/06/2022
24/05/2022 Electrical Rewiring Works Low 14/06/2022
24/05/2022 Fit Out Works - Prior information notice PinHigh
24/05/2022 Operating Theatres Refurbishment Low 07/06/2022
24/05/2022 Superconducting Magnet Low 14/06/2022
24/05/2022 Internal Refurbishment Works Low 27/06/2022
24/05/2022 WC's Refurbishment Blocks Low 05/07/2022
24/05/2022 Public Realm Enhancement Works Low 14/06/2022
24/05/2022 Plumbing Supplies Low 22/06/2022
24/05/2022 Electrical Refurbishment Works Low 10/06/2022
24/05/2022 Hard FM Services - Prior information notice PinHigh 01/06/2022
24/05/2022 Maintenance of IPS and UPS systems Low 27/06/2022
24/05/2022 Framework to install LED lighting Low 24/06/2022
24/05/2022 Building Services (M&E) Engineering Services High 22/06/2022
24/05/2022 Building Services (M&E) Engineering High 23/06/2022
24/05/2022 Energy Metering Systems High 24/06/2022
24/05/2022 Electrical Re-Wiring Services - Framework Low 24/06/2022
24/05/2022 Re-Wiring Services Low 20/06/2022
23/05/2022 Boiler Replacement Works Low 14/06/2022
23/05/2022 Heating System Upgrade Low 13/06/2022
23/05/2022 Electrical Upgrade Works Low 10/06/2022
23/05/2022 Roofing Works Low 15/06/2022
23/05/2022 Re-Wiring Services Low 13/06/2022
23/05/2022 Energy Efficiency Measures & Renewable Energy System High 22/06/2022
23/05/2022 Maintaining compressor/air drier equipment Low 08/06/2022
23/05/2022 Building, mechanical and electrical refurbishment works Low 17/06/2022
23/05/2022 Workshops Modification Works Low 10/06/2022
23/05/2022 Electrical Works Low 10/06/2022
23/05/2022 Lighting Replacement Works Low 23/06/2022
23/05/2022 Public Realm & Associated Works High 13/07/2022
23/05/2022 Electric Vehicle Charging Hubs - Prior information notice PinHigh 22/06/2022
23/05/2022 Facilities Maintenance Services - Prior information notice PinHigh
23/05/2022 Chiller Maintenance Services High 22/06/2022
23/05/2022 Consultancy Services for Redevelopment Works High 20/06/2022
23/05/2022 Plastering & Associated Works High 08/07/2022
23/05/2022 Certification of safety equipment Low 10/06/2022
23/05/2022 Lighting luminaries - installation Low 17/06/2022
23/05/2022 Ceiling Grid & Lighting Low 03/06/2022
23/05/2022 Installation of Ventilation Plant Low 23/06/2022
23/05/2022 Local Exhaust Ventilation Low 30/05/2022
23/05/2022 Intelligent Infrastructure High 27/06/2022
23/05/2022 Aseptic Unit High 21/06/2022
23/05/2022 Solar street lights Low 06/06/2022
20/05/2022 Refurbishment Works to Halls of Residence High 24/06/2022
20/05/2022 Electrical Installation Works Low 06/06/2022
20/05/2022 College Heating Works Low 13/06/2022
20/05/2022 School Heating Works Low 10/06/2022
20/05/2022 Footpaths & Bridgework Low 17/06/2022
20/05/2022 Public Toilets - Refurbishment Low 09/06/2022
20/05/2022 Heating Replacement Contract Low 17/06/2022
20/05/2022 Fountain Restoration & Lighting Project - Prior Information Notice PinLow
20/05/2022 Ablutions Upgrade Works Low 01/07/2022
20/05/2022 Lighting & Electrical Services Low 21/06/2022
20/05/2022 Electrical Testing Services High 20/06/2022
20/05/2022 HEVAC - Maintenance & Servicing High 23/06/2022
20/05/2022 Electrical Testing Services High 30/06/2022
20/05/2022 Development & Maintenance Consultancy - Prior information notice PinHigh
20/05/2022 Maintenance and Servicing Works Low 23/06/2022
20/05/2022 Heating Upgrade Works Low 24/06/2022
20/05/2022 Playing Field Design & Build Low 10/06/2022
20/05/2022 Heating System Low 17/06/2022
20/05/2022 Fire Safety Systems High 15/07/2022
20/05/2022 Fire Safety Systems & Emergency Lighting - Maintenance High 21/06/2022
20/05/2022 Heating System Low 17/06/2022
20/05/2022 Plumbing Services High 20/06/2022
20/05/2022 Electrical Works High 20/06/2022
20/05/2022 Chiller Maintenance Low 22/06/2022
20/05/2022 Building Services (M&E) Engineering Services High 22/06/2022
20/05/2022 Building Construction Works High 27/06/2022
20/05/2022 Ventilation Upgrade Works Low 02/06/2022
20/05/2022 Construction Consultancy Services Low 16/06/2022
19/05/2022 Electrical Upgrade Works Low 09/06/2022
19/05/2022 Electrical Works Low 03/06/2022
19/05/2022 Boiler Plant Upgrade Low 26/05/2022
19/05/2022 Electrical Power Supply Units Low 08/06/2022
19/05/2022 Chiller Replacement Low 15/06/2022
19/05/2022 Chiller Maintenance Low 22/06/2022
19/05/2022 Framework Agreements and DPS - Prior information notice PinHigh
19/05/2022 Construction Schemes - Market Engagement Event Low 09/06/2022
19/05/2022 High Voltage Indicators Low 10/06/2022
19/05/2022 Mechanical & Electrical Services Low 16/06/2022
19/05/2022 Refurbishment Works Low 03/06/2022
19/05/2022 Boilers Maintenance Low 01/06/2022
19/05/2022 Training Vessel Improvements High 20/06/2022
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We are B2B Quote Tenders, we source Electrical Tenders in the UK to help businesses to secure new contracts and increase their revenue. Whether you’re looking for Electrical Installation, Mechanical Services, Heating or other Electrical Tenders, we’re able to source valuable Tenders within your sector so you can search for new work opportunities and secure new contracts with ease. 

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Electrical Tenders FAQs

What is the Tendering Process?

Tendering for Electrical Tenders involves a Buyer publishing a Tender which invites businesses to bid for work. If your business’s proposal is successful, your company will be awarded the contract and you’ll complete the work as highlighted in the Tender. 


What is an Electrical Contractor Tender?

Electrical Tenders are project proposals for work relating to electrical services or products. Electrical Contractors Tenders include Gas, Heating, Plumbing and Mechanical Services to name a few.

How to get Electrical Tenders

Sourcing Electrical Tenders in the UK is a quick and easy process with B2B Quote Tenders. Simply sign up to our Tender Alert Service, create an account and select the relevant categories and regions applying to your business. You’ll then be able to view live Electrical Contractors Tenders and will receive twice daily alerts notifying you of any new Electrical Tenders, giving you the opportunity to secure valuable work and grow your business. 

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