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Date Published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline Date
17/05/2024 School transport services High 19/06/2024
16/05/2024 Bus Services Low 28/05/2024
16/05/2024 Non-Emergency Patient Transport - Prior information notice PinHigh 16/06/2024
15/05/2024 School Transport Low 12/06/2024
15/05/2024 Home to School Transport Low 12/06/2024
15/05/2024 Student Transport Low 26/06/2024
15/05/2024 Patient Transport Framework - Prior information notice High 30/08/2024
15/05/2024 Framework for Taxi Transportation - Prior information notice PinHigh 10/06/2024
14/05/2024 Minibus services for SEN children/young people High 18/06/2024
14/05/2024 Transport Services High 12/06/2024
14/05/2024 Transport Services Required High 12/06/2024
14/05/2024 Bus Services High 18/06/2024
14/05/2024 Transport Assistance - Prior information notice PinHigh 14/06/2024
14/05/2024 Bus & Coach Hire Services High 17/06/2024
14/05/2024 SEN School or College Transport Low 27/05/2024
13/05/2024 Park & Ride - Market Engagement Low 30/05/2024
13/05/2024 Framework for SEN taxi services Low 11/06/2024
13/05/2024 Transport Services - Qualification System High 31/12/2025
10/05/2024 24/7 access to emergency transport - Prior information notice PinHigh 31/05/2024
10/05/2024 Shuttle Buses Low 31/05/2024
10/05/2024 Bus Services Low 24/05/2024
10/05/2024 Transport Services High 10/06/2024
09/05/2024 Bus Services - Market Engagement PinLow 31/05/2024
09/05/2024 Coach Hire Services High 10/06/2024
09/05/2024 Taxi services High 07/06/2024
09/05/2024 Taxi Transport Services High 10/06/2024
09/05/2024 Home to School Transport Low 10/06/2024
09/05/2024 Transport Services High 10/06/2024
08/05/2024 Transport Services Low 30/05/2024
07/05/2024 Home to School Transport - Prior Information Notice PinLow 24/05/2024
07/05/2024 Scheduled Passenger Transport High 07/06/2024
06/05/2024 Special-purpose road passenger-transport High 03/06/2024
03/05/2024 Qualified transportation service providers High 31/05/2024
03/05/2024 Frequent bus service - Prior information notice PinHigh 25/05/2024
03/05/2024 Transport Services DPS High 07/06/2024
03/05/2024 Taxicab services Low 30/05/2024
03/05/2024 DPS for Passenger Transport High 03/06/2024
03/05/2024 Bus Hire & Taxi Services High 31/05/2024
03/05/2024 Bus & Taxi Services High 31/05/2024
03/05/2024 Taxi Services Framework High 19/06/2024
02/05/2024 Transport Services Low 03/06/2024
02/05/2024 Scheduled and Unscheduled Transport Framework High 06/06/2024
02/05/2024 Bus Routes High 05/06/2024
02/05/2024 Bus travel routes - Single Supplier Framework Low 10/06/2024
02/05/2024 Transport for Renal Patients - Prior information notice PinHigh 02/06/2024
01/05/2024 Public road transport High 26/06/2024
01/05/2024 Shuttle Bus Services High 03/06/2024
30/04/2024 Bus routes for staff Low 24/05/2024
26/04/2024 Road passenger-transport services High 27/05/2024
26/04/2024 Taxi transport for pupils High 03/06/2024
26/04/2024 Home to School Transport DPS High 03/06/2024
26/04/2024 Bus Services High 28/05/2024
26/04/2024 Supported Bus Services High 21/02/2029
26/04/2024 Student Transport Services High 27/05/2024
26/04/2024 School conveyance contracts High 27/05/2024
24/04/2024 Transport Services High 24/05/2024
23/04/2024 Shuttle bus service Low 21/05/2024
19/04/2024 Student Transport for a College High 28/05/2024
19/04/2024 Home to School Taxis High 21/05/2024
17/04/2024 Student Bus Services High 22/05/2024
17/04/2024 School Bus Opertation Low 22/05/2024
11/04/2024 Bus Services Low 31/08/2029
10/04/2024 Transfer of critically ill patients between hospitals High 24/05/2024
09/04/2024 College Transport Services High 22/05/2024
29/02/2024 Passenger Transport Low 30/04/2025
29/02/2024 Passenger Transport High 18/07/2025
14/02/2024 Passenger Transport Services High 31/03/2028
31/01/2024 Passenger transport DPS Low 13/08/2026
11/01/2024 Special Education Needs Transport High 12/02/2028
08/01/2024 Rail Replacement - Prior Information Notice PinLow 20/01/2025
08/01/2024 Bus Network - Prior Information Notice PinLow 20/01/2025
21/12/2023 Transport Services High 31/08/2026
08/12/2023 Patient Transport Services Low 31/08/2026
02/12/2023 Passenger Transport High 04/01/2029
10/11/2023 Passenger Transport Services Low 31/01/2028
01/11/2023 DPS for school transport services Low 31/08/2024
07/10/2023 Home to School Transport Services High 31/07/2028
07/10/2023 Home to School Transport Services Low 31/07/2028
04/10/2023 Passenger Transport Low 30/09/2033
02/10/2023 Passenger Transport High 31/01/2034
26/09/2023 Passenger Transport Low 30/12/2032
13/09/2023 Passenger Transport Services High 15/10/2030
13/09/2023 Bus Transport Services High 07/09/2029
01/09/2023 Passenger Transport Services - DPS Low 29/08/2025
31/08/2023 Hired Passenger Transport High 31/08/2035
27/07/2023 Transport Services High 11/08/2027
25/07/2023 Transport Services Low 25/07/2025
12/07/2023 Passenger Transport Low 31/08/2026
07/07/2023 Transport Services - Dynamic Purchasing System High 17/08/2028
07/07/2023 Passenger Transport High 06/07/2031
07/07/2023 Passenger Transport Services - Dynamic Purchasing System Low 13/05/2025
19/06/2023 Transport Services High 05/07/2025
29/05/2023 Local Bus and School Coach Transport Services Low 30/11/2027
17/05/2023 Passenger Transport Services High 31/03/2026
09/05/2023 Passenger Transport Services High 30/05/2028
09/05/2023 Home to School Transport High 30/06/2027
09/05/2023 Home to School Transport Low 30/06/2027
28/04/2023 DPS for Bus Routes High 13/04/2033
21/04/2023 Transport Services Low 21/05/2027
18/04/2023 Bus Reform Market Engagement - Prior information notice PinHigh
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The Tendering process for Taxi, Coach and Bus Tenders involves a Buyer inviting businesses working in the public transport sector to bid for work and fulfil the brief. The successful bidder will secure a contract and must complete the work as agreed, following the Tendering documentation.

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