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Date Published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline Date
25/05/2022 Modernisation & Alteration Works Low 27/06/2022
25/05/2022 Marshalls Low 14/06/2022
25/05/2022 Incident Ground Technology Low 24/06/2022
25/05/2022 Hard and soft landscaping maintenance Low 27/06/2022
25/05/2022 Fire and Rescue Spare Parts - St. Helena Low 07/06/2022
25/05/2022 Site manned guards Low 30/05/2022
25/05/2022 Electrical Works Low 02/06/2022
24/05/2022 Gate Locking Services High 24/06/2022
24/05/2022 Fencing Works High 29/06/2022
24/05/2022 Gates, Barriers and Doors - Prior information notice PinHigh
24/05/2022 Security Services High 23/06/2022
24/05/2022 Technology Enabled Care Service - Prior information notice PinHigh
24/05/2022 Free Supplier Day PinLow 20/07/2022
24/05/2022 Lockers for Schools Low 14/06/2022
24/05/2022 Security Services High 22/06/2022
24/05/2022 Fire safety measures Low 20/06/2022
24/05/2022 Public Realm Enhancement Works Low 14/06/2022
24/05/2022 Electrical Refurbishment Works Low 10/06/2022
24/05/2022 Alarm / Access / CCTV High 27/06/2022
24/05/2022 Cleaning Services and Security Services - Prior information notice PinHigh 01/06/2022
24/05/2022 Fire Compartmentation Works Low 01/07/2022
24/05/2022 Fire Fighting Equipment Low 13/06/2022
24/05/2022 Security Network Installation Low 24/06/2022
24/05/2022 Environmental Facilities Works Low 24/06/2022
23/05/2022 Radio communication company Low 06/07/2022
23/05/2022 Taxi Licensing CCTV High 27/06/2022
23/05/2022 Appliance Bay Doors - Service & Installation High 01/07/2022
23/05/2022 Construction of new car park Low 17/06/2022
23/05/2022 In Vehicle CCTV Systems Low 27/06/2022
23/05/2022 Fire Safety Works Low 08/07/2022
23/05/2022 Communal Door & Entry System High 22/06/2022
23/05/2022 Security Hoardings PrivateProject 30/05/2022
23/05/2022 Fencing Works Low 10/06/2022
23/05/2022 Lone Worker Alarm Devices Low 06/06/2022
23/05/2022 Resurfacing of a Sports Court & Fencing Low 08/06/2022
20/05/2022 Electrical Installation Works Low 06/06/2022
20/05/2022 Aids & Adaptation Works Low 20/06/2022
20/05/2022 Fire Risk Assessments Low 16/06/2022
20/05/2022 Water Tanker Appliance Low 24/06/2022
20/05/2022 Fencing & Improvement Works Low 07/06/2022
20/05/2022 Fire Safety Systems High 15/07/2022
20/05/2022 Fire Safety Systems & Emergency Lighting - Maintenance High 21/06/2022
20/05/2022 Car Park Management, Road Closure, Stewarding & Security Low 20/06/2022
20/05/2022 Modular Classroom Building & Associated External Works Low 16/06/2022
19/05/2022 Integrated Care System Communications Platform - Market Engagement - Prior Information Notice PinLow 14/06/2022
19/05/2022 Framework Agreements and DPS - Prior information notice PinHigh
19/05/2022 Car Park Management, Road Closure, Stewarding & Security Low 20/06/2022
19/05/2022 Improvement Works Low 17/06/2022
19/05/2022 Fire Protection Services High 21/06/2022
19/05/2022 Call Systems & Door Entry Systems Low 16/06/2022
19/05/2022 Training Vessel Improvements High 20/06/2022
19/05/2022 Public Rights of Way Furniture Low 27/06/2022
19/05/2022 Maintenance for Fire Alarm Systems High 27/06/2022
19/05/2022 Fire Alarm Maintenance Low 27/06/2022
18/05/2022 Looking to upgrade customers to a new digital alarm service - Approx 1,500. Low 26/05/2022
18/05/2022 Metal stair handrail - remedial work Low 27/05/2022
18/05/2022 Loose Furniture Supply Low 09/06/2022
18/05/2022 Maintaining Sprinkler Systems High 24/06/2022
18/05/2022 CCTV system maintenance Low 10/06/2022
18/05/2022 Fire Alarm Installation Low 08/06/2022
18/05/2022 Hospital Security Services Low 24/06/2022
18/05/2022 Public realm enhancements High 13/06/2022
18/05/2022 CCTV Maintenance Low 10/06/2022
17/05/2022 Security Services High 08/07/2022
17/05/2022 Building Refurbishment Works Low 10/06/2022
17/05/2022 Electrical Upgrade Works Low 03/06/2022
17/05/2022 Doors High 17/06/2022
17/05/2022 Search Equipment Low 30/05/2022
17/05/2022 CCTV / Security Monitoring Services High 20/06/2022
17/05/2022 Fencing Works Low 01/06/2022
16/05/2022 Security Systems Maintenance Low 21/06/2022
16/05/2022 Fire Control Container Low 06/06/2022
16/05/2022 Fire Alarm System Replacement & Conversion Works Low 14/06/2022
16/05/2022 Security & Stewarding Services Low 10/06/2022
16/05/2022 Public Address Voice Alarm High 07/06/2022
16/05/2022 Building Safety Works High 20/06/2022
16/05/2022 Mechanical, Electrical, General Building Works and Locksmiths Maintenance - Prior information notice PinHigh
16/05/2022 Lock Gates Fabrication / Refurbishment Low 01/06/2022
16/05/2022 Hard Works for playing field Low 10/06/2022
16/05/2022 Norfolk Trails Infrastructure Maintenance - Tender divided into 3 Lots. Low 31/12/2027
13/05/2022 Landscaping & Groundworks High 30/06/2027
13/05/2022 Access Control System Installation Low 03/06/2022
13/05/2022 Locksmith Services Low 17/06/2022
13/05/2022 Maintenance & Repair High 13/06/2022
13/05/2022 Automatic & Static Bollards High 14/06/2022
13/05/2022 Maintaining fire alarm & protection systems Low 14/06/2022
13/05/2022 Pedal Acoustic - Market Sounding Questionnaire High 13/06/2022
12/05/2022 Maintaining security and CCTV systems Low 03/06/2022
12/05/2022 Ironmongery, Locks & Keys Low 01/06/2022
12/05/2022 Fencing Works Required Low 27/05/2022
12/05/2022 Refurbishment Works Low 09/06/2022
12/05/2022 Alarm call receiving services Low 01/07/2022
12/05/2022 Fire Precaution Works Low 08/06/2022
12/05/2022 CCTV Installations Maintenance Low 03/06/2022
11/05/2022 Door Entry Systems & CCTV High 22/06/2022
11/05/2022 Live Fire Specialists - Market Engagement Low 26/05/2022
11/05/2022 Hard FM Services - Prior information notice PinHigh
11/05/2022 Automatic Access Controls Low 31/05/2022
11/05/2022 Remodelling, Refurbishment & Security Upgrades (Kenya) High 17/06/2022
11/05/2022 Foam Concentrate Low 06/06/2022
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