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Date Published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline Date
16/04/2024 Digital Services Low 16/05/2024
16/04/2024 Digital Services Low 16/05/2024
16/04/2024 Telemedicine Application - Prior Information Notice PinLow 26/04/2024
16/04/2024 Networks - Prior Information Notice PinLow 16/05/2024
16/04/2024 Catering Management & Payment Solutions Low 22/05/2024
16/04/2024 Platform Development Low 03/05/2024
16/04/2024 System Development High 17/05/2024
16/04/2024 Emergency Communication Devices Strategic Solution - Prior information notice PinHigh 16/05/2024
16/04/2024 Educational software package Low 10/05/2024
16/04/2024 Computer-related equipment Low 19/04/2024
16/04/2024 Call Centre Solution - Prior Information Notice PinLow 22/04/2024
16/04/2024 System Support & Development High 20/05/2024
16/04/2024 IT Services Low 03/05/2024
16/04/2024 Retail, ATM's and Vending - Prior information notice PinHigh 16/05/2024
16/04/2024 Website Services Low 02/05/2024
16/04/2024 Booking short breaks online Low 14/05/2024
15/04/2024 IT Solution Low 06/05/2024
15/04/2024 Website Development Services High 16/05/2024
15/04/2024 IT & Networks Services High 24/05/2024
15/04/2024 Ticketing Website High 16/05/2024
15/04/2024 Contract Management System - Preliminary Market Consultation PinLow 26/04/2024
15/04/2024 Software High 20/05/2024
15/04/2024 Wired assessment - Prior Information Notice PinLow 29/04/2024
15/04/2024 IT Support Services Low 30/04/2024
15/04/2024 ICT Equipment & Services (Norway) Low 08/05/2024
15/04/2024 Maintenance & Support Services High 17/05/2024
15/04/2024 Software Supply High 14/05/2024
12/04/2024 Polling Tools High 13/05/2024
12/04/2024 Electronic Call Monitoring System High 13/05/2024
12/04/2024 Database High 29/04/2024
12/04/2024 IT Solution - Soft Market Testing PinLow 10/05/2024
12/04/2024 IT Solution High 14/05/2024
12/04/2024 Communications and multimedia Low 13/05/2024
12/04/2024 Office & computing machinery Low 31/05/2024
12/04/2024 Software Directory for Social Care High 17/05/2024
12/04/2024 Security software development High 24/05/2024
12/04/2024 Software Supply / Services High 10/05/2024
12/04/2024 IT Support Services Low 26/04/2024
12/04/2024 Library Management System Low 10/05/2024
12/04/2024 Optimise the performance of IT systems Low 29/04/2024
11/04/2024 Building Management System Low 10/05/2024
11/04/2024 Software to manage expenses Low 13/05/2024
11/04/2024 Software - Prior information notice PinHigh 25/04/2024
11/04/2024 Marketing Services High 13/05/2024
11/04/2024 IT Services High 02/05/2024
11/04/2024 Mail communication services Low 23/05/2024
11/04/2024 Vendor-hosted software solution High 13/05/2024
11/04/2024 Accreditation Service - Prior information notice PinHigh 18/04/2024
11/04/2024 IT Services - Framework High 27/05/2024
11/04/2024 Management System Low 24/04/2024
11/04/2024 Observability and IT Management Platform Low 25/04/2024
11/04/2024 Procurement of a case management application Low 08/05/2024
11/04/2024 Enforcement Software Low 03/05/2024
11/04/2024 Renew licensing of Solarwinds Low 24/04/2024
11/04/2024 Sale of IT hardware Low 24/04/2024
10/04/2024 5G Networks Low 30/04/2024
10/04/2024 Electronic Intervention Out of Court Disposals - Prior Information Notice PinLow 29/04/2024
10/04/2024 ICT Hardware & Software Framework High 14/05/2024
10/04/2024 Independent Certification Assessment Services - Prior information notice PinHigh 30/04/2024
10/04/2024 Secure Access Service Edge - Prior information notice PinHigh 24/04/2024
10/04/2024 HR software package High 13/05/2024
10/04/2024 E-learning Low 07/05/2024
10/04/2024 Software Renewal Low 17/04/2024
09/04/2024 Software High 17/05/2024
09/04/2024 Labels & Consumables High 08/05/2024
09/04/2024 Quality Assurance Testing High 26/04/2024
09/04/2024 Portable computers High 03/05/2024
09/04/2024 Digital Preservation System - Prior information notice PinHigh 10/05/2024
09/04/2024 Data Catalogue - Prior information notice High 17/05/2024
09/04/2024 Intelligence software package - Prior Information Notice PinLow 19/04/2024
09/04/2024 Digital Interactives, Sound Design & Animation High 12/05/2024
09/04/2024 WordPress multisite management - Prior information notice PinHigh 03/05/2024
09/04/2024 Electronic Patient Record Implementation - Prior information notice PinHigh 09/07/2024
09/04/2024 Switches Low 18/04/2024
09/04/2024 Scanners & Associated Services High 06/05/2024
09/04/2024 Software Application High 06/05/2024
09/04/2024 IT Services Low 29/04/2024
09/04/2024 Postage Machines High 09/05/2024
09/04/2024 Website Services Low 03/05/2024
09/04/2024 IT Software Low 01/05/2024
09/04/2024 Music management software Low 30/04/2024
08/04/2024 Computer network services High 08/05/2024
08/04/2024 Case Management Software Low 13/05/2024
08/04/2024 Digital Infrastructure Low 06/05/2024
08/04/2024 Self-Assessment Portal Required - Prior information notice PinHigh 28/04/2024
08/04/2024 IT Enterprise Service Model - Prior information notice PinHigh 09/05/2024
08/04/2024 Web based digital mapping platform development - Request for Information PinLow 26/04/2024
08/04/2024 ERP System Remote Hosting - Prior Information Notice PinHigh 10/06/2024
08/04/2024 Software Consultancy Services - Framework Low 21/05/2024
08/04/2024 IT Services Low 01/05/2024
08/04/2024 VR Services - Prior Information Notice PinLow 29/04/2024
08/04/2024 Networks Low 08/05/2024
08/04/2024 Clinical Coding Systems - Prior Information Notice PinLow 03/05/2024
08/04/2024 Networking System Renewal Low 24/04/2024
08/04/2024 Management System High 09/05/2024
08/04/2024 Financial Software High 08/05/2024
08/04/2024 Upgraded Wide Area Network - Prior information notice PinHigh 08/05/2024
05/04/2024 Integrated EPR Solution - Prior information notice PinHigh 03/05/2024
05/04/2024 Mobile Judgement Range High 07/05/2024
05/04/2024 Education platform for medical settings High 07/05/2024
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IT Tenders FAQs

What is the Tendering process?

The Tendering process involves a prospective client inviting businesses in the relevant sector to bid for work and secure a contract to fulfil the outlined brief. When you bid on a Tender, you’ll need to highlight how your business plans to fulfil the brief in Tendering documentation. 

How to win an IT Tender

If you want to win a Tender you need to stand out from the competition - and the IT sector is a competitive one! It is therefore important for your business to dedicate a sufficient amount of time to creating and refining your Tender response. Here are some tips for winning IT Tenders:


Here at B2B Quote Tenders, we offer Tender training courses for those who are experienced and new to the Tender writing process. Please get in touch to find out more on how we can support you. 

What are IT Tenders?

IT Tenders cover a range of services relating to technology and computing such as Cyber Security, Software Development and Artificial Intelligence. Tendering in IT is the process of a Buyer company inviting contractors to bid for work within the IT sector. 

How do I get IT Tenders for my company? 

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