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Date Published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline Date
04/12/2023 Geospatial consultancy firm Low 05/01/2024
01/12/2023 Stocktaking Services Low 22/12/2023
01/12/2023 Fixed Line VOIP High 05/01/2024
01/12/2023 Estates Minor Work Services High 10/01/2024
01/12/2023 Hybrid 5G and advanced wireless network - Prior Information Notice PinLow 20/12/2023
01/12/2023 Building Energy Management System Low 02/01/2024
01/12/2023 3D Cameras - Market Engagement PinLow 01/04/2024
01/12/2023 Management System - Preliminary Market Consultation PinLow 20/12/2023
01/12/2023 Catalogue Solution Low 04/01/2024
01/12/2023 Software Low 20/12/2023
01/12/2023 App Development Low 12/12/2023
01/12/2023 GIS Mapping Services Low 15/12/2023
01/12/2023 Recruitment Applicant Tracking Solution High 12/01/2024
01/12/2023 Valuation and Case Management System - Prior information notice PinHigh 02/01/2024
01/12/2023 Management System - Prior Information Notice Low 01/01/2024
01/12/2023 Connectivity Services Low 14/12/2023
01/12/2023 AV Design Consultancy - Framework High 15/01/2024
01/12/2023 IT Services - Framework High 17/01/2024
01/12/2023 SSOT Population Health Management (PHM) GP Data Extract Procurement Low 08/12/2023
01/12/2023 Digital Dictation Services Low 05/01/2024
01/12/2023 Data System Low 08/01/2024
01/12/2023 Digital & Data Support Within Built Environment Low 16/02/2024
01/12/2023 IT Consultancy Low 21/12/2023
30/11/2023 Scheduling Solution High 24/01/2024
30/11/2023 Digital Call Warden System High 26/01/2024
30/11/2023 Barrierless Car Park Solution High 09/01/2024
30/11/2023 Control Room - Upgrades High 12/01/2024
30/11/2023 Spectrum Management Centre Monitoring System Upgrade - Prior information notice PinHigh 05/01/2024
30/11/2023 CCTV Management System Platform - Prior Information Notice PinLow 21/12/2023
30/11/2023 Population Health Management GP Data Extract Low 08/12/2023
30/11/2023 ECM & Digitisation Low 08/12/2023
30/11/2023 Laboratory Equipment Low 21/12/2023
30/11/2023 Software High 12/01/2024
30/11/2023 IT Services High 12/01/2024
30/11/2023 Hardware Supply Low 02/01/2024
30/11/2023 Website Services High 05/01/2024
30/11/2023 Digitising & Marketing Services Low 08/01/2024
30/11/2023 High voltage and capacitance systems simulation - Request for Information Low 14/12/2023
29/11/2023 Minor Work Services High 10/01/2024
29/11/2023 E-Learning Course Low 08/01/2024
29/11/2023 Automated Marketing Solution High 15/01/2024
29/11/2023 Networks Communications High 05/01/2024
29/11/2023 Software Management Tool High 05/01/2024
29/11/2023 Space Command and Control Software High 15/01/2024
29/11/2023 Inventory Management System - Prior information notice PinHigh 30/12/2023
29/11/2023 Operations & Maintenance - Prior Information Notice PinLow 30/04/2025
29/11/2023 Software License & Support Low 13/12/2023
29/11/2023 Management Platform Low 12/01/2024
29/11/2023 Audit Software Low 10/01/2024
29/11/2023 Laboratory Equipment Low 20/12/2023
29/11/2023 Check Point Software Low 11/12/2023
29/11/2023 Licence Card Checking - Prior Information Notice PinLow 03/01/2024
29/11/2023 Regulatory & Compliance Case Software High 29/12/2023
29/11/2023 Academy Support Services High 11/01/2024
29/11/2023 Online Service Directory Low 22/12/2023
29/11/2023 Fraud Investigations Software - Soft Market Testing Low 18/12/2023
29/11/2023 Simulation & assessment platform - Prior information notice PinHigh 29/12/2023
29/11/2023 Pipeline Development & Implementation - Prior Information Notice PinLow 15/01/2024
28/11/2023 Optimisation of Water Services - Periodic indicative notice PinHigh 05/01/2024
28/11/2023 Calculation & Tracking System Low 03/01/2024
28/11/2023 External Content Services Low 18/12/2023
28/11/2023 AI Based Technology Low 04/12/2023
28/11/2023 Interactive Content Creation Software Low 05/12/2023
28/11/2023 Virtual Reality Design Low 05/01/2024
28/11/2023 ICT Managed Services High 22/01/2024
28/11/2023 Management System - Prior Information Notice Low 28/12/2023
28/11/2023 IT System Low 13/12/2023
28/11/2023 Management System Low 08/01/2024
28/11/2023 School management information system - Montserrat Low 13/12/2023
28/11/2023 Training Provider - Montserrat Low 15/12/2023
28/11/2023 Digital Platform Low 12/12/2023
28/11/2023 IT Software/Services - Framework High 05/01/2024
28/11/2023 Hardware Supply High 12/12/2023
28/11/2023 Documentation and reporting software Low 22/12/2023
27/11/2023 Ticketing System High 08/01/2024
27/11/2023 Virtual Training - Prior information notice PinHigh 28/12/2023
27/11/2023 Networks Low 04/12/2023
27/11/2023 Scheduling and Workflow Software - Prior information notice PinHigh 28/12/2023
27/11/2023 AI and Automation Consultants - Prior information notice PinHigh 28/12/2023
27/11/2023 Library Software Low 14/12/2023
27/11/2023 Specialist Training Web Application Low 18/12/2023
27/11/2023 Learning Management System - Prior Information Notice PinLow 08/12/2023
27/11/2023 Digital Board Software Low 04/01/2024
27/11/2023 Omnichannel Services High 03/01/2024
27/11/2023 5G High Density Equipment Low 05/01/2024
27/11/2023 Re-development of an existing website Low 15/12/2023
26/11/2023 Web Optimisation and Compliance Tool High 08/01/2024
25/11/2023 - Soft Market Test Exercise PinLow 05/01/2024
25/11/2023 Extreme wired network Low 20/12/2023
24/11/2023 Online Applications Low 21/12/2023
24/11/2023 PR and Web Development High 02/01/2024
24/11/2023 Internal Training Management System - Prior Information Notice PinLow 05/01/2024
24/11/2023 VMWARE CORE - Prior Information Notice PinLow 24/02/2024
24/11/2023 Esports and PC specialist Low 02/01/2024
24/11/2023 Software Low 01/01/2024
24/11/2023 IT Services High 02/01/2024
24/11/2023 Digital Healthcare Software Low 14/12/2023
24/11/2023 Works - Periodic indicative notice PinHigh 24/12/2023
24/11/2023 Target Costing Automation System - Periodic indicative notice PinHigh 24/12/2023
24/11/2023 Incentivise recycling and sustainable travel - Prior Information Notice PinLow 23/02/2024
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IT Tenders FAQs

What is the Tendering process?

The Tendering process involves a prospective client inviting businesses in the relevant sector to bid for work and secure a contract to fulfil the outlined brief. When you bid on a Tender, you’ll need to highlight how your business plans to fulfil the brief in Tendering documentation. 

How to win an IT Tender

If you want to win a Tender you need to stand out from the competition - and the IT sector is a competitive one! It is therefore important for your business to dedicate a sufficient amount of time to creating and refining your Tender response. Here are some tips for winning IT Tenders:


Here at B2B Quote Tenders, we offer Tender training courses for those who are experienced and new to the Tender writing process. Please get in touch to find out more on how we can support you. 

What are IT Tenders?

IT Tenders cover a range of services relating to technology and computing such as Cyber Security, Software Development and Artificial Intelligence. Tendering in IT is the process of a Buyer company inviting contractors to bid for work within the IT sector. 

How do I get IT Tenders for my company? 

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