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Date Published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline Date
28/01/2022 Patient Simulators Low 28/02/2022
28/01/2022 Graphic Design, Authoring Tool Build, Learning Design & Video Production High 28/02/2022
28/01/2022 Contact Centre as a Service High 04/03/2022
28/01/2022 Digital Transformation Strategy (Multi Country) Low 04/02/2022
28/01/2022 Cash Machines (Argentina) Low 01/02/2022
28/01/2022 Box Office Ticketing System Low 18/02/2022
28/01/2022 Delivery of Clinical Pathways Interface and Implementation Support. - Prior information notice High 28/03/2022
28/01/2022 Online Training Low 09/02/2022
28/01/2022 IT Software Support Services Low 11/02/2022
28/01/2022 Training Services Low 18/02/2022
28/01/2022 Warehouse scaning software High 18/02/2022
28/01/2022 Indications and warning methodology for strategic intelligence - Prior information notice High 28/03/2022
28/01/2022 Web development and support - Prior information notice High 11/02/2022
28/01/2022 English teaching and examination support solutions Low 23/02/2022
28/01/2022 E-learning quality assurance framework High 25/02/2022
28/01/2022 Cyber Bulletin - Prior Information Notice Low 28/03/2022
28/01/2022 App Development Services Low 14/02/2022
27/01/2022 Software Licences Low 17/02/2022
27/01/2022 Examination and Assessments Software - Prior information notice High 28/03/2022
27/01/2022 Electrical Power System Simulator Low 10/02/2022
27/01/2022 Software for Cashless Parking Low 18/02/2022
27/01/2022 High Availability Active Passive Firewall. Low 11/02/2022
27/01/2022 IT solution for programme and project management - Request for Information Low 18/02/2022
27/01/2022 Website development consultancy Low 11/02/2022
27/01/2022 Service Case Management Inventory System High 02/03/2022
27/01/2022 Support for specialist software - Prior information notice High 27/03/2022
27/01/2022 Training Solution Low 09/02/2022
27/01/2022 Website Services Low 14/02/2022
27/01/2022 High-performance computers High 24/02/2022
27/01/2022 Risk Management Software High 09/03/2022
27/01/2022 Business Intelligence/Power BI Roll Out Low 11/02/2022
26/01/2022 Software supply services High 28/02/2022
26/01/2022 Data engineer Low 10/02/2022
26/01/2022 Data Migration Consultancy & Technical Services Low 09/02/2022
26/01/2022 IT Software Low 04/02/2022
26/01/2022 Satellite Equipment Low 04/02/2022
26/01/2022 End User Devices High 28/02/2022
26/01/2022 Electronic Patient Record System - Prior Information Notice High 26/03/2022
26/01/2022 Computing Device Audit Low 11/02/2022
26/01/2022 Colleague Survey Solution Low 21/02/2022
26/01/2022 Indicators and Warnings Solution - Prior Information Notice Low 28/02/2022
26/01/2022 Document Management Software Low 11/02/2022
26/01/2022 Medical Device Design & Manufacture Low 21/02/2022
26/01/2022 Weather Impacts from Social Media High 25/02/2022
26/01/2022 Artificial Intelligence Software High 28/02/2022
26/01/2022 Threat Intelligence and Digital Risk - Periodic indicative notice High 28/02/2022
26/01/2022 Software Low 16/02/2022
26/01/2022 Digital Skills Training Low 22/02/2022
26/01/2022 Environmental Monitoring System (Argentina) Low 03/03/2022
26/01/2022 Electronic Platform Hardware & Software (Hong Kong) Low 28/01/2022
26/01/2022 Electron Beam Evaporator - Software Low 11/02/2022
26/01/2022 Ingres and OPENROAD Systems - Existing Framework Low 02/02/2022
26/01/2022 Quality Assurance Analyst Low 01/02/2022
26/01/2022 Tester Required Low 01/02/2022
26/01/2022 Dental Software High 02/03/2022
26/01/2022 IT Tool Low 09/02/2022
26/01/2022 Automation of quantum technologies Low 24/02/2022
26/01/2022 Website Development & Maintenance High 01/03/2022
26/01/2022 HR Solution High 23/02/2022
26/01/2022 Software High 21/02/2022
26/01/2022 Telehealth Solution Low 11/02/2022
25/01/2022 Usability Testing Low 08/02/2022
25/01/2022 Prototype Improvement Low 08/02/2022
25/01/2022 Business Analyst Low 01/02/2022
25/01/2022 Business Analyst Required Low 01/02/2022
25/01/2022 Business Analyst - ServiceNow Low 01/02/2022
25/01/2022 Business Analyst Services Low 01/02/2022
25/01/2022 Service Now Developer Low 01/02/2022
25/01/2022 Service Now Low 01/02/2022
25/01/2022 Agile Delivery Manager Low 01/02/2022
25/01/2022 Delivery Manager Low 01/02/2022
25/01/2022 Online Training Programmes Low 08/02/2022
25/01/2022 Cloud-Based Software Application Low 28/02/2022
25/01/2022 Digital Room Equipment Low 31/01/2022
25/01/2022 Finance System - Prior information notice High 26/03/2022
25/01/2022 Contact Centre as a Service - Prior information notice High 15/02/2022
25/01/2022 IT & Data Systems - Prior information notice High 26/03/2022
25/01/2022 Cyber Security Awareness Training Low 15/02/2022
25/01/2022 Digital & Data High 25/02/2022
25/01/2022 IT Services High 01/03/2022
25/01/2022 IT Services Low 15/02/2022
25/01/2022 Electrical Works Low 24/02/2022
25/01/2022 International Ecommerce Platform, Fulfilment and Distribution PrivateProject 14/02/2022
25/01/2022 Software Low 18/02/2022
25/01/2022 Content Designer Low 01/02/2022
25/01/2022 Intranet Redevelopment Low 08/02/2022
25/01/2022 Collections Management System High 24/02/2022
25/01/2022 Immersive Technologies Skills Low 02/02/2022
25/01/2022 Software Licences Low 07/02/2022
25/01/2022 Metering Solution & Associated Services High 16/02/2022
25/01/2022 Programme testing software Low 07/02/2022
25/01/2022 Transport Management Software Low 09/02/2022
25/01/2022 Secure Web Proxy Filtering Solution High 23/02/2022
25/01/2022 Case Management System High 18/02/2022
25/01/2022 Management System Low 24/02/2022
25/01/2022 Digital Resources / Course Low 14/02/2022
25/01/2022 Digital Infrastructure Course Low 14/02/2022
25/01/2022 Training Services Low 14/02/2022
24/01/2022 Online Learning High 24/02/2022
24/01/2022 RDF Developer Required Low 07/02/2022
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IT Tenders FAQs

What is the Tendering process?

The Tendering process involves a prospective client inviting businesses in the relevant sector to bid for work and secure a contract to fulfil the outlined brief. When you bid on a Tender, you’ll need to highlight how your business plans to fulfil the brief in Tendering documentation. 

How to win an IT Tender

If you want to win a Tender you need to stand out from the competition - and the IT sector is a competitive one! It is therefore important for your business to dedicate a sufficient amount of time to creating and refining your Tender response. Here are some tips for winning IT Tenders:


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What are IT Tenders?

IT Tenders cover a range of services relating to technology and computing such as Cyber Security, Software Development and Artificial Intelligence. Tendering in IT is the process of a Buyer company inviting contractors to bid for work within the IT sector. 

How do I get IT Tenders for my company? 

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