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Date Published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline Date
29/06/2022 Dashboard (Barbados) Low 10/08/2022
29/06/2022 Gigabit Broadband - Pre Market Engagement Low 15/07/2022
29/06/2022 Renewal of VMware support Low 06/07/2022
29/06/2022 Excel Consultancy Low 15/07/2022
29/06/2022 Business Application Development and Support Low 29/07/2022
29/06/2022 3D Mapping system maintenance Low 08/07/2022
29/06/2022 Accounting model Low 17/07/2022
29/06/2022 UX/UI Digital Design Services High 25/07/2022
29/06/2022 Networks High 02/08/2022
29/06/2022 Medical Software High 05/08/2022
29/06/2022 Educational Equipment High 25/07/2022
29/06/2022 Financial Transaction Reconciliation Tool - Prior Information Notice PinHigh
28/06/2022 Mobile Infrastructure Monitoring - Periodic indicative notice PinHigh 15/07/2022
28/06/2022 IT Infrastructure (St Vincen) Low 01/07/2022
28/06/2022 Software (Hong Kong) Low 04/08/2022
28/06/2022 Software Renewal (Hong Kong) Low 02/08/2022
28/06/2022 Website Upgrade (Jamaica) Low 15/07/2022
28/06/2022 Consultancy Services (Africa) Low 04/07/2022
28/06/2022 Software to manage supplier performance Low 05/07/2022
28/06/2022 Enterprise resource planning & customer management software PrivateProject 08/07/2022
28/06/2022 Artificial intelligence and machine learning Low 18/07/2022
28/06/2022 Helpdesk Support & Licence Low 13/07/2022
28/06/2022 Website Development PrivateProject 11/07/2022
28/06/2022 Server Hardware Low 06/07/2022
27/06/2022 Curriculum Management Solution - Prior information notice PinHigh 25/07/2022
27/06/2022 Parking Sensors Low 29/07/2022
27/06/2022 Application & Workflow Development Low 11/07/2022
27/06/2022 Acquisition, Capability & Management Service Low 11/07/2022
27/06/2022 MVP Product Low 11/07/2022
27/06/2022 Engineering, Content & Tooling Support Low 11/07/2022
27/06/2022 IT platform, hosting and training - Prior information PinLow 04/07/2022
27/06/2022 Workforce Management Solution High 28/07/2022
27/06/2022 IT Services - Prior information notice PinHigh 28/08/2022
27/06/2022 3D Printer Low 07/07/2022
27/06/2022 Document Management Solution Low 08/07/2022
27/06/2022 Intelligent Business Process Management - Prior Information Notice PinLow 27/07/2022
27/06/2022 IT Infrastructure Low 25/07/2022
27/06/2022 Management IT Systems Low 15/07/2022
27/06/2022 HR management system Low 25/07/2022
27/06/2022 SAN & Server High 29/07/2022
27/06/2022 PDF Report Cards - Prior information notice PinHigh 06/07/2022
27/06/2022 Management System - Prior Information Notice Low 08/07/2022
27/06/2022 Benchmark school's financial data - Prior Information Notice PinLow 06/07/2022
27/06/2022 End-to-end recruitment process management solution High 27/07/2022
27/06/2022 Digital Health Services - Prior information notice PinHigh
27/06/2022 Finance Management System High 28/07/2022
27/06/2022 Website Renewal Low 05/08/2022
27/06/2022 Radiological information system High 25/07/2022
27/06/2022 Housing Management and Asset Software High 28/07/2022
25/06/2022 IT Management Support Low 25/07/2022
25/06/2022 Website/Application Development Low 30/06/2022
24/06/2022 Online Portal High 29/07/2022
24/06/2022 Mission control system - Prior information notice PinHigh 27/08/2022
24/06/2022 ICT Project Management Low 08/07/2022
24/06/2022 Database Services Low 15/07/2022
24/06/2022 Management System Low 13/07/2022
24/06/2022 Intranet - Replacement Low 11/07/2022
24/06/2022 Academic Licence of Fiction e-Books & Audio Books Low 15/07/2022
24/06/2022 IT Software - Prior Information Notice PinLow 06/07/2022
24/06/2022 3D Resin Printer with Curing Station Low 01/07/2022
24/06/2022 Educational Software Services High 29/07/2022
24/06/2022 Educational Software High 01/08/2022
24/06/2022 Hardware Low 01/07/2022
24/06/2022 IT Hardware Low 01/07/2022
24/06/2022 Software Low 13/07/2022
24/06/2022 IT Services High 02/08/2022
24/06/2022 Website Development Services High 25/07/2022
24/06/2022 Cabling High 29/07/2022
24/06/2022 Heakthcare support - website and application development Low 08/07/2022
24/06/2022 Website / Application Development High 08/07/2022
24/06/2022 Digital Programmes Framework - Prior Information Notice PinLow 29/09/2022
24/06/2022 Automatic Speech Recognition Software - Prior Information Notice PinHigh 24/07/2022
24/06/2022 Software subscription renewal High 25/07/2022
24/06/2022 Electronic prescribing software High 13/07/2022
24/06/2022 Aruba wireless access points Low 01/07/2022
24/06/2022 HR & Payroll solution Low 21/07/2022
24/06/2022 IT sYSTEM - Prior Information Notice PinLow 08/07/2022
24/06/2022 IT hardware and components Low 08/07/2022
23/06/2022 Data Analytics Capability Low 07/07/2022
23/06/2022 Software Supply Low 07/07/2022
23/06/2022 Cashless Parking Low 14/07/2022
23/06/2022 IT Infrastructure High 25/07/2022
23/06/2022 Network Equipment High 25/07/2022
23/06/2022 Laboratory Information Management Solution - Prior information notice PinHigh
23/06/2022 Health and/or social care information database Low 08/07/2022
23/06/2022 Software Low 01/07/2022
23/06/2022 Digital Platform - Prior Information Notice PinLow
23/06/2022 Transport System - Strategic Model High 25/07/2022
23/06/2022 Test & Measurement Equipment High 25/07/2022
23/06/2022 Network Cabling High 12/08/2022
23/06/2022 Learning Solution High 14/07/2022
23/06/2022 Digital Skills Low 14/07/2022
23/06/2022 Service Now Developer Low 29/06/2022
23/06/2022 Application system development Low 06/07/2022
23/06/2022 Electronic Portal (Global) Low 15/07/2022
23/06/2022 IT Software Support Low 30/06/2022
23/06/2022 Satellite Surveillance - Managed Service - Prior Information Notice PinLow 30/06/2022
23/06/2022 IT Consultancy Low 07/07/2022
23/06/2022 ICT for Schools - Prior information notice PinHigh
23/06/2022 Website Services PrivateProject 06/07/2022
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IT Tenders FAQs

What is the Tendering process?

The Tendering process involves a prospective client inviting businesses in the relevant sector to bid for work and secure a contract to fulfil the outlined brief. When you bid on a Tender, you’ll need to highlight how your business plans to fulfil the brief in Tendering documentation. 

How to win an IT Tender

If you want to win a Tender you need to stand out from the competition - and the IT sector is a competitive one! It is therefore important for your business to dedicate a sufficient amount of time to creating and refining your Tender response. Here are some tips for winning IT Tenders:


Here at B2B Quote Tenders, we offer Tender training courses for those who are experienced and new to the Tender writing process. Please get in touch to find out more on how we can support you. 

What are IT Tenders?

IT Tenders cover a range of services relating to technology and computing such as Cyber Security, Software Development and Artificial Intelligence. Tendering in IT is the process of a Buyer company inviting contractors to bid for work within the IT sector. 

How do I get IT Tenders for my company? 

To start accessing live IT Tenders for your company, simply register for our Tender Alert Services (it’s free to join and you can upgrade to a 1 year subscription for just £7 per week). Simply create an account for your business and you can view live IT Tenders in the UK there are location and category filters you can apply to ensure results are relevant to your services/products.

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