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Date Published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline Date
07/12/2023 Health Services - Prior Information Notice PinLow 14/12/2023
07/12/2023 Community Sexual Health Service Low 15/01/2024
07/12/2023 Integrated Health Lifestyle Service Low 22/01/2024
07/12/2023 Integrated Sexual Health Service Low 18/01/2024
07/12/2023 General Practice Public Health Services Low 09/01/2024
07/12/2023 Supported accommodation for young people Low 30/11/2024
07/12/2023 Employment support services High 19/01/2024
07/12/2023 GP Services - Prior Information Notice PinLow 17/12/2023
07/12/2023 Community volunteer programme Low 22/12/2023
07/12/2023 Eating Disorder Inpatient Support - Prior information notice PinHigh 07/01/2024
06/12/2023 Support for unemployed and economically inactive adults High 08/01/2024
06/12/2023 Help carers of disabled children - Prior information notice PinHigh 02/01/2024
06/12/2023 Community Health Services Low 17/01/2024
06/12/2023 Community Hospital - General-practitioners High 17/01/2024
06/12/2023 Person-centered support to Children, Young People - Prior information notice PinHigh 12/01/2024
06/12/2023 Community Organisation Business Modelling Low 12/01/2024
06/12/2023 General-practitioner services High 17/01/2024
06/12/2023 Advocacy for people with health and social care needs High 12/01/2024
06/12/2023 Health & Social Low 18/12/2023
06/12/2023 Occupational Therapy Consultancy Low 05/01/2024
06/12/2023 Employee Mindfulness Low 08/01/2024
06/12/2023 Single Homeless Accommodation High 26/01/2024
06/12/2023 Employability Support Low 10/01/2024
06/12/2023 Health Services Low 19/12/2023
06/12/2023 Support services for fathers Low 18/12/2023
06/12/2023 Address community safety Low 08/01/2024
05/12/2023 Community Health & Wellbeing Service High 29/01/2024
05/12/2023 Dementia Services - Market Engagement Notice Low 13/12/2023
05/12/2023 Dental & Public Health Mobile Vehicle High 25/01/2024
05/12/2023 Specialist Housing Low 22/12/2023
05/12/2023 Occupational Health Service & Employee Assistance Scheme High 15/01/2024
05/12/2023 Strengthen parent-infant relationships Low 10/01/2024
05/12/2023 Parent Infant Relationship Interventions Low 10/01/2024
05/12/2023 Healthwatch - Market Engagement Low 18/12/2023
05/12/2023 Advocacy - Market Engagement Low 14/12/2023
05/12/2023 Cemetery and crematorium services Low 22/01/2024
05/12/2023 Alström Syndrome Care High 20/12/2023
05/12/2023 Domiciliary Care & Respite at Home Services High 16/01/2024
05/12/2023 Early Learning & Childcare Low 08/01/2024
05/12/2023 Social Care Services Low 05/01/2024
04/12/2023 Occupational Health Services High 17/01/2024
04/12/2023 Mental Health Crisis Response Low 29/02/2024
04/12/2023 Therapies & Assessments High 15/01/2024
04/12/2023 Disability Support Service High 22/01/2024
04/12/2023 Supported Living Service High 18/01/2024
04/12/2023 Community Engagement & Associated Services High 15/01/2024
04/12/2023 Support Services High 08/01/2024
04/12/2023 Treatment for patients with Bardet-Beidl Syndrome High 20/12/2023
04/12/2023 Health Services High 08/01/2024
04/12/2023 Operational management / related services - Prior information notice PinHigh 02/01/2024
04/12/2023 Refuge and Outreach Support - Prior information notice PinHigh 12/01/2024
04/12/2023 Voluntary Sector and SME Framework - Prior Information Notice PinHigh 11/12/2023
04/12/2023 Extra Care & Housing Related Support High 10/01/2024
04/12/2023 Cardiovascular Outcomes Research Consultancy Low 18/12/2023
04/12/2023 Supported Employment Services High 12/01/2024
04/12/2023 Homeless Support High 16/01/2024
04/12/2023 Social care mixed-methods evaluations - Prior Information Notice PinLow 12/12/2023
04/12/2023 Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening Programme - Prior information notice PinHigh 22/12/2023
04/12/2023 Alcohol & Drugs Service Review Low 11/12/2023
04/12/2023 Independent Advice Services Low 12/01/2024
04/12/2023 Build on the resources and strengths within communities Low 15/01/2024
04/12/2023 Healthcare Services Low 22/12/2023
03/12/2023 Hearing Screening Service High 19/01/2024
01/12/2023 Adoption Support High 30/11/2027
01/12/2023 Individual Placement Service High 05/01/2024
01/12/2023 Health & Social Low 10/01/2024
01/12/2023 Youth Support Services Low 29/01/2024
01/12/2023 Integrated Psychotherapy Services Low 19/12/2023
01/12/2023 Healthwatch Service - Soft Market Testing PinLow 15/12/2023
01/12/2023 Alliance Collaboration Notice Low 30/06/2024
01/12/2023 Advocacy Services Low 09/01/2024
01/12/2023 Youth Services High 29/01/2024
01/12/2023 Advocacy Services - Prior information notice PinHigh 04/01/2024
01/12/2023 Hepatitis B screening and immunisation pathway - Prior information notice PinHigh 22/12/2023
01/12/2023 Financial Insecurity & Welfare Service Low 15/12/2023
01/12/2023 Youth Services Low 04/01/2024
01/12/2023 Domiciliary Care Low 15/12/2023
01/12/2023 Supported Accommodation Low 13/12/2023
01/12/2023 Supportive Observations High 12/01/2024
01/12/2023 Voluntary Family Support Services Low 03/01/2024
01/12/2023 Mentoring Service High 05/01/2024
01/12/2023 Primary Care Hub - Prior Information Notice PinLow 15/12/2023
01/12/2023 E-Cigarettes - Voucher Redemption Service High 04/01/2024
01/12/2023 Childcare Services - Prior Information Notice Low 16/01/2024
01/12/2023 Out of Hours Homelessness Advice Low 10/01/2024
01/12/2023 Community Cooking Programme Low 18/12/2023
01/12/2023 Social Care Services Low 12/12/2023
01/12/2023 Mobile Outreach Service Low 22/12/2023
01/12/2023 Out of Hours Appropriate Adult Service Low 08/01/2024
01/12/2023 Employee Assistance Programme & Whistleblowing Services Low 05/01/2024
01/12/2023 Body Removal Services Low 14/12/2023
30/11/2023 Health & Social Services High 10/01/2024
30/11/2023 Contraceptives High 05/01/2024
30/11/2023 Homecare Services High 29/03/2030
30/11/2023 Playworks High 10/01/2024
30/11/2023 Child Counselling & Support Services High 22/01/2024
30/11/2023 Counselling Services High 19/01/2024
30/11/2023 Healthcare Services High 10/01/2024
30/11/2023 Care at Home Services High 11/12/2023
30/11/2023 Nightly Purchased Accommodation High 22/01/2024
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Here at B2B Quote Tenders, we source Health and Social Care contracts for Tender, helping your business to find valuable work. Whether you’re looking for Social Work, Hospital Support Services, Advocacy or Mental Health Tenders in the UK, our Tender sourcing team sources new Tenders every day, so you can count on us to find new business opportunities. 

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Healthcare Tender FAQs

What is a Healthcare Tender?

Healthcare Tenders cover a variety of health-related services and organisations such as the NHS who depend on providers in the private sector to procure supplies, services and other essential goods they may require. From Social to Mental Health Tenders in the UK, we publish live Tenders to our site daily so you can find new business opportunities.

What is the Tendering process?

The Tendering process involves inviting businesses to bid for work and secure a contract to fulfill the brief. When you bid on a Tender, you’ll be required to outline how you plan to deliver the contract and should ensure you follow any specific requirements highlighted by the client in the Tendering documentation.

How to get Health and Social Care Tenders for my company

Simply sign up to our Tender Alert Service (register for free today) and quickly and easily set up your own business profile. Once you have your profile set up, you can instantly search for for live Healthcare Tenders in the UK.


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How to win a Healthcare Contract

You’ll be up against other businesses when bidding on a Tender, therefore, you’ll need to ensure that you spend a sufficient amount of time on putting together a high-quality Healthcare Tender response. Here are some tips on how to win Healthcare Tenders in the UK:

Here at B2B Quote Tenders, we offer businesses high-quality training and support on writing winning Tenders. For more advice on how to win a Healthcare Tender and information on how we can help, get in touch with our team.

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