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Date Published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline Date
17/09/2021 Disadvantaged Outreach Programme Low 18/10/2021
17/09/2021 Diagnostic Ultrasound Services Low 23/09/2021
17/09/2021 Coaching Service Low 30/09/2021
17/09/2021 Counsellor / Psychotherapist Low 08/10/2021
17/09/2021 Laboratory Services High 25/10/2021
17/09/2021 Prevention & Early Help Services High 19/10/2021
17/09/2021 Peer Support & Engagement High 01/11/2021
17/09/2021 Development Support Programme Low 01/10/2021
17/09/2021 Mental Health and Wellbeing Services Low 27/09/2021
17/09/2021 Therapeutic Support Low 15/10/2021
17/09/2021 Advocacy Service Low 15/10/2021
17/09/2021 Counselling Services Low 15/10/2021
17/09/2021 Early Learning & Childcare Services High 19/10/2021
17/09/2021 Home Care High 04/10/2021
17/09/2021 Community Programme Low 15/10/2021
17/09/2021 Counselling / Therapy Services Low 29/09/2021
17/09/2021 Outreach Services Low 29/09/2021
17/09/2021 Sensory Impairment Services - Market Engagement Low 04/10/2021
17/09/2021 Domiciliary Care High 29/10/2021
17/09/2021 Resident Medical Officers High 01/10/2021
17/09/2021 Stoma Sponsorship Low 25/10/2021
17/09/2021 Integrated MSK Services Low 15/10/2021
17/09/2021 Health & Wellbeing Board Strategy Low 04/10/2021
17/09/2021 Care at Home Services Low 30/09/2021
17/09/2021 Counselling Services Low 07/10/2021
16/09/2021 Healthcare Services High 11/11/2021
16/09/2021 Body Removal Service High 12/10/2021
16/09/2021 Youth Servies Concession High 18/10/2021
16/09/2021 Integrated Urgent Care Services Low 29/10/2021
16/09/2021 Psychotherapy & Counselling Services Low 31/08/2022
16/09/2021 Domestic Abuse Services - Prior information notice High 01/10/2021
16/09/2021 Gender Dysphoria Services High 07/10/2021
16/09/2021 Therapeutic Support Services High 31/03/2027
16/09/2021 Occupational and Mental Health - Prior information notice High 16/11/2021
16/09/2021 Drug & Alcohol Services High 20/10/2021
16/09/2021 Autism Assessment Services - Prior Information Notice Low 24/09/2021
16/09/2021 Integrated MSK service High 15/10/2021
16/09/2021 Screening Improvement Service High 15/10/2021
16/09/2021 Educational & Children's Social Care Services Low 05/10/2021
16/09/2021 Resident Medical Officers Low 01/10/2021
16/09/2021 Wraparound Support Project Low 19/10/2021
16/09/2021 Children in Care - Helplines - Prior information notice High 16/11/2021
16/09/2021 Enhanced Rapid Response Care Home Service Low 15/10/2021
16/09/2021 Child Protection & Safeguarding Consultancy - Overseas Low 23/09/2021
16/09/2021 Neighbourhood Network Schemes Low 12/11/2021
16/09/2021 Mental Health Services Low 21/10/2021
15/09/2021 Carers Support Service High 25/10/2021
15/09/2021 Care Home Services High 15/10/2021
15/09/2021 Community Services High 12/11/2021
15/09/2021 Care Act Reviews - Prior information notice High 24/09/2021
15/09/2021 Urgent Care Low 22/09/2021
15/09/2021 Carers Services - Market Testing Low 30/09/2021
15/09/2021 Occupational Health High 15/10/2021
15/09/2021 Outreach Service for Rough Sleepers - Prior information notice High 01/10/2021
15/09/2021 Voluntary Sector Services - Prior information notice High 24/09/2021
15/09/2021 Integrated MSK Services Low 13/10/2021
15/09/2021 Inequality, Mental Health and Wellbeing Services (Market Engagement) Low 31/10/2021
15/09/2021 Youth Engagement Service Low 13/10/2021
15/09/2021 Social Work Services Low 07/10/2021
15/09/2021 Supported Accommodation High 15/10/2021
15/09/2021 Healthcare Services High 18/10/2021
15/09/2021 Neurophysiology Testing, Reporting & Associated Services High 12/10/2021
15/09/2021 Pathology Services High 15/10/2021
15/09/2021 Mental Health Services Framework Low 24/09/2021
15/09/2021 Suicide Prevention Low 29/09/2021
15/09/2021 Occupational Health Low 13/10/2021
15/09/2021 Financial Consultancy Services Low 06/10/2021
15/09/2021 Forensic Analysis Service Low 13/10/2021
15/09/2021 Funeral Services Low 01/11/2021
15/09/2021 Healthwatch Services Low 15/10/2021
15/09/2021 Urgent Care Services High 29/10/2021
15/09/2021 Private Rented Access Scheme Low 03/10/2021
15/09/2021 EHC Support - Market Testing Low 14/10/2021
15/09/2021 Options Appraisal Proposal Low 28/09/2021
15/09/2021 Housing Related Support Services Low 27/10/2021
14/09/2021 Radiation Dosimetry service High 15/10/2021
14/09/2021 Care & Support Services High 15/10/2021
14/09/2021 Social Work Services Low 14/10/2021
14/09/2021 Dosimetry Service Low 15/10/2021
14/09/2021 Prison Healthcare Services Low 01/10/2021
14/09/2021 Staff Engagement Low 14/10/2021
14/09/2021 VCSC Support Low 21/09/2021
14/09/2021 Short Breaks Services High 15/10/2021
14/09/2021 Housing Related Support High 27/10/2021
14/09/2021 Healthwatch Service High 15/10/2021
14/09/2021 Supported Living Low 30/09/2021
14/09/2021 Short Break Services Low 29/09/2021
14/09/2021 Healthcare Consultancy Low 12/10/2021
14/09/2021 Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment Low 29/09/2021
14/09/2021 Temporary Accommodation High 11/10/2021
14/09/2021 Healthcare Low 26/09/2021
14/09/2021 Prisoner Support Services - Prior information notice High 14/11/2021
14/09/2021 Pregnancy, Mother and Baby Units - Prior information notice High 14/11/2021
14/09/2021 Accommodation services for people on probation - Prior information notice High 14/11/2021
14/09/2021 Dependency and Recovery Services - Prior information notice High 15/11/2021
14/09/2021 Community Health Profiles Low 27/09/2021
14/09/2021 Welfare Benefits Advice & Support Service Low 01/10/2021
13/09/2021 Health & Social Care (Market Engagement) Low 13/10/2021
13/09/2021 Pregnancy, Mother and Baby Unit - Virtual Market Engagement Low 20/09/2021
13/09/2021 Residential Supported Housing Low 13/10/2021
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Healthcare Tender FAQs

What is a Healthcare Tender?

Healthcare Tenders cover a variety of health-related services and organisations such as the NHS who depend on providers in the private sector to procure supplies, services and other essential goods they may require. From Social to Mental Health Tenders in the UK, we publish live Tenders to our site daily so you can find new business opportunities.

What is the Tendering process?

The Tendering process involves inviting businesses to bid for work and secure a contract to fulfill the brief. When you bid on a Tender, you’ll be required to outline how you plan to deliver the contract and should ensure you follow any specific requirements highlighted by the client in the Tendering documentation.

How to get Health and Social Care Tenders for my company

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