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Date Published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline Date
23/05/2024 Refrigeration Maintenance Low 30/05/2024
23/05/2024 Catering Services High 25/06/2024
23/05/2024 Mobile catering kiosk Low 24/06/2024
22/05/2024 Beverages and related products High 21/06/2024
22/05/2024 Coffee Shop Services High 17/06/2024
22/05/2024 Food Supplies - Dynamic Purchasing System High 23/06/2030
22/05/2024 Catering Services High 19/06/2024
21/05/2024 Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Potatoes, Prepared Products & Milk High 26/06/2024
21/05/2024 Equipment Maintenance Low 19/06/2024
21/05/2024 Mobile Refreshment Concessions Low 31/05/2024
21/05/2024 Brokerage for Foodsales Framework - Future opportunity PinHigh 01/11/2024
20/05/2024 Cafe Operation Low 19/06/2024
20/05/2024 Crematorium services Low 17/06/2024
20/05/2024 Electrical equipment maintenance Low 03/07/2024
20/05/2024 Provide holistic interventions to better support residents Low 30/05/2024
20/05/2024 Supporting food & beverage businesses - Prior Information Notice PinLow 07/06/2024
20/05/2024 Electrical Repairs Low 03/07/2024
20/05/2024 Fresh food items High 20/06/2024
17/05/2024 External & Internal Building Adaptations Low 13/06/2024
17/05/2024 Event Catering Services - Prior Information Notice Low 31/05/2024
17/05/2024 High School Catering High 21/06/2024
17/05/2024 Bread & baked goods High 17/06/2024
17/05/2024 School Catering Services Low 21/06/2024
17/05/2024 Food and Nutrition Products Low 05/06/2024
17/05/2024 Coffee Roaster Low 24/05/2024
16/05/2024 School canteen development Low 17/06/2024
16/05/2024 Mobile ice cream concessions Low 05/06/2024
16/05/2024 Concession Agreement for Catering Low 31/05/2024
15/05/2024 Bread & Rolls High 14/06/2024
15/05/2024 Ambient, Chilled, And Frozen Foods High 17/06/2024
15/05/2024 School Meals Low 05/06/2024
15/05/2024 School Catering Services Low 05/06/2024
15/05/2024 Canteen Concession Services Low 05/06/2024
15/05/2024 Tea Room/Café Services Low 26/06/2024
15/05/2024 Catering & Hospitality Services Low 06/06/2024
15/05/2024 Catering Services High 21/06/2024
15/05/2024 School Catering Services High 14/06/2024
15/05/2024 Canteen and catering services High 14/06/2024
14/05/2024 Catering for a High School High 14/06/2024
14/05/2024 Catering Services Low 05/06/2024
14/05/2024 Ice Cream & Hot Beverages Low 27/09/2024
14/05/2024 Pilot Supply Chain Low 31/05/2024
14/05/2024 Industrial Equipment High 10/06/2024
13/05/2024 School Hot Meals Low 03/06/2024
13/05/2024 Events Services High 13/06/2024
13/05/2024 Catering Services High 28/06/2024
13/05/2024 Plumbed In Water Coolers Low 10/06/2024
13/05/2024 School catering services High 21/06/2024
13/05/2024 Equipment Supply & Maintenance High 17/06/2024
13/05/2024 Bread Supply Low 03/06/2024
13/05/2024 Catering Equipment Low 07/06/2024
10/05/2024 Community Meals Service - Market Engagement Questionnaire PinLow 24/05/2024
10/05/2024 Tea Room/Café Services Low 21/06/2024
10/05/2024 School Meals Low 31/05/2024
10/05/2024 Summer Holiday Activities & Healthy Food High 31/05/2024
10/05/2024 Food & Drink Services Low 10/06/2024
10/05/2024 Catering Services Low 10/06/2024
10/05/2024 Bread products Low 03/06/2024
10/05/2024 Food Safety Audit Services Low 07/06/2024
09/05/2024 Funding for Rural Projects Low 27/05/2024
09/05/2024 Bottled water dispensers - Prior information notice Low 10/06/2024
08/05/2024 Kitchen & Catering Items High 10/06/2024
08/05/2024 Catering & Hospitality Services High 07/06/2024
08/05/2024 Chilled Water Cooling System Low 30/05/2024
08/05/2024 Hospital facilities management Low 31/05/2024
07/05/2024 Catering Opportunity - Early Market Engagement Low 24/05/2024
07/05/2024 Catering Services High 04/06/2024
03/05/2024 Commercial food production area Low 28/05/2024
03/05/2024 Animal or vegetable oils High 31/05/2024
03/05/2024 School meals catering Low 24/05/2024
03/05/2024 Facilities Management Framework High 10/06/2024
03/05/2024 Beverages Services Supply / Services High 05/06/2024
03/05/2024 Kitchen or restaurant conversion - Prior Information Notice PinHigh 03/08/2024
03/05/2024 Catering Services High 31/05/2024
03/05/2024 High School Catering Low 31/05/2024
02/05/2024 Catering Services High 03/06/2024
02/05/2024 Catering Services High 07/06/2024
02/05/2024 Customer insights programme Low 05/06/2024
02/05/2024 Disposable catering supplies Low 03/06/2024
01/05/2024 Hot Beverages High 03/06/2024
01/05/2024 Alcohol High 03/06/2024
01/05/2024 Catering for a High School High 07/06/2024
01/05/2024 Baked Goods Low 30/05/2024
01/05/2024 Kitchen Disposables & Light Equipment High 31/05/2024
01/05/2024 Managed catering services Low 07/06/2024
30/04/2024 Catering Services Required High 07/06/2024
30/04/2024 Catering Services High 03/06/2024
30/04/2024 Mobile Bar Service High 28/05/2024
30/04/2024 Primary School Catering High 14/06/2024
30/04/2024 Meet the Buyer Event Low 05/06/2024
30/04/2024 Food Procurement, Storage & Preparation High 03/06/2024
29/04/2024 Retail catering service High 21/06/2024
29/04/2024 Catering Services - Framework High 27/05/2024
26/04/2024 Catering supplies High 31/05/2024
26/04/2024 Catering Equipment - Maintenance Low 31/05/2024
26/04/2024 High School catering High 31/05/2024
25/04/2024 Food Supplies High 27/05/2024
25/04/2024 Cashless Catering System - Prior information notice PinHigh 26/05/2024
25/04/2024 Catering Services High 07/06/2024
24/04/2024 Fresh Fish High 27/05/2024
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Here at B2B Quote Tenders, we source Catering Tenders and hospitality contracts, helping businesses working within the catering and hospitality sector to secure valuable new work. Whether you're looking for Catering Equipment, Supply of Food or Mobile Catering Tenders in the UK, our Tender sourcing team find new Tenders everyday so you can discover new opportunities. 

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Catering Tenders FAQs

What are Catering Tenders?

Catering Tenders cover a range of catering and hospitality-related services (such as Mobile Catering, Hospitality Management Software and Catering Equipment Tenders) in public and private sectors which offer supplies and services to those working in Catering.

What to include in a Tender for a Catering contract

You may be asked to include certain information in your Tender proposal but generally speaking, the following is included in a Catering contract:

For more information, please contact our team.

How to get Catering contracts

Getting catering contracts is made easy with B2B Quote Tenders. Simply register for our Tender Alert Service for free and set up your business profile. Once your account has been set up, you’ll instantly be able to search for live Catering Tenders in the UK. 

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What is the Tendering process?

The Tendering process involves inviting businesses offering catering services or supplies to bid for work and secure a contract to fulfil the brief. When bidding on a Tender, you’ll need to outline how your company will meet the brief set out by the client and follow any specific instructions given to you. If you win a contract, you will be required to complete the work you proposed in your Tendering documentation. 

How to win Catering Tenders

As you won’t be the only company bidding on a Tender, you need to make sure that your Tender response stands out from the competition. In order to do this, you’ll need to spend a sufficient amount of time putting together your proposal and ensuring that it’s completed to a high standard. Here are some tips on how to win Catering Tenders in the UK:

If you’re looking for support in writing winning Catering Tenders, we offer businesses high-quality training so that you can maximise your chances of successfully winning new Tender work. For more advice on how to win Catering Tenders in the UK or for further information about how we can help, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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