Security Tenders worth £77m on B2B Quote Tenders in July 2021

Security Tenders advertised on

Security Tenders worth £77m on B2B Quote Tenders in July 2021 - Are you looking for new Security contracts?

In July 2021 B2B Quote Tenders sourced over 233 Security Tenders worth over £77m

Security Tenders include:

CCTV Tenders.
Fencing Tenders.
Manned Guarding Tenders.
Traffic Control Tenders.
Access Control Systems Tenders.
Fire & Safety Systems Tenders.
Alarms Tenders.
Security Doors, Barriers & Gates Tenders.
Emergency Services & Rescue Equipment Tenders.
Private Investigation Tenders.
Secure Transport Services Tenders.


This is where you will find our live UK public sector Security Tenders

So many companies are seeing the value to their business in Tendering that over 350 businesses join us each week.

Here at B2B Quote we offer manually validated Tenders matched to all regions of the UK ensuring you only receive relevant Security Tender alerts.

Our system enables you to:
Search for live Security Tenders and also those previously awarded so you can see the amount of business in your area that has been awarded and that you might be missing out on.
We provide you with a weekly email giving you advanced notice of all the Security contracts coming to an end within the next 6 months – enabling you to contact the buyer and begin to build a relationship before a Tender is published.
We enable you to track when your competitor wins a contract giving you the knowledge you need to grow your business.

If you would like a live demo of our system:
Give our staff a call on 01902 712191 or contact us by e-mail.

In July 2021 alone 57 Security companies won Low value Tenders to expand their business and 121 companies developed their business by winning high value Tenders. 

If you are ready to Tender for new Security work but not sure where to start then come and join us on our Tender Training webinar - An introduction to Tendering.

Here are some of the testimonials from our Introduction webinars this year:

"Superb training session learnt a lot of new ideas and this will help in securing future tenders. 
"The course was very informative, and all areas were covered"
"It was a Step by step guide with good course content and I learned things I didn't know which will definitely help in the future"
"Trainer was brilliant and I have learnt a lot of good tips"
"A great training day. I can't imagine there are many people with more experience in tender writing"
"A must for anyone considering completing a Tender"


If you are an experienced Tender writer and want to enhance your writing skills and win more Tenders then join us on our Tender Writing Advanced Webinar - Helping you to improve your Tender writing skills and success rate.

Here are some of the testimonials from our Introduction webinars this year:

"This course is a must for anyone who has to prepare bids. It is presented in a professional manner and the trainer also imparts a great deal of their own experience and expertise, which is huge. Thanks again for a great day"
"Did what it said on the tin - everything covered to enable a person to improve tender performance and win more contracts"
"Each answer was always explained thoroughly. Couldn't fault anything!"
"Thanks to the insights and skills gained from the course, we have just won our first tender!"
"The day of the training was absolutely amazing. It gave me information I needed and even more then expected. Really enjoyed the time. Thank you for giving me the knowledge"


If you would like further information or a live demo of our system, then please get in contact: